Clean Cheap and Green with Borax

With the economy slumping downward and the environment losing a little nature every day, many of us are looking for ways to both be a little cheaper and a little greener. These wonder products are often hard to come by, but you can get the best of both worlds with Borax.

Borax is an environmentally safe powder that is found in the cleaning aisle of your grocery store, specifically in the laundry section. The most popular and ubiquitous brand is 20 mule team, but other brands may be found in your regional supermarket. A box costs me around four dollars with tax and lasts forever. Here are some of the things you can do to save money.

Scouring Powder

Clean those sinks and counters for less. Use this recipe to create a homemade scouring powder that will save you money and from toxic fumes.

�¼ cup borax

�¼ cup baking soda

1 �½ cups warm water

Mix into a paste and use as you would a can of Ajax.


Bug killers can be costly and toxic. For any bug problem borax can help you in two ways. Either sprinkle some around refrigerators and cabinets as a deterrent to keep bugs away, or mix some with sugar or honey, which bugs will then eat and die.

Pet or Kid Accidents

For urine on any surface, such as a mattress or rug, dampen the area. Sprinkle some borax over it and allow it to dry. Once it is completely dry brush it away or vacuum it to take away the stain and the odor.

Spray Cleaner

Many of those sprays can be toxic. Those which include an odor eliminator are actually just including nerve damaging chemicals that deaden smell sense for a period of time. Great right? Borax is a natural deodorizer and a great mold and mildew preventive. To clean counters, stoves, or any surface, it is better to invest in a dollar store squirt bottle than to ruin your health mix one teaspoon of dish liquid or castile soap with one teaspoon of borax and one quart of warm water. Pour into your spritzer and go to town. For greasy kitchen messes, you can include a squirt or two of lemon juice to cut through the grime, but your dish soap may already handle this task.


Floor cleaners and fancy do-it-all mops are expensive and can leave residue that pets and babies can pick up. Mix half a bucket of warm water (about a gallon) with 1/3 of a cup of borax and a teaspoon of liquid soap to mop up dirt the safe way.

Borax can be used for all kinds of things. It’s cheap, green, and easy. Try it out for a month and I guarantee you’ll have a clean house with no toxic worries.

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