Clean and Decorate an Old Lampshade

A home can be as clean as a whistle, but when lampshades are dingy or dirty, it just doesn’t seem quite as clean. Simply wiping or dusting lampshades doesn’t always remove dirt and grime, but don’t despair. You don’t have to throw away your old lampshades if they’ve seen better days. Light up your life, and give your old lampshades a new look. You can decorate your old lampshades, and make them look better than ever.

Ideas to decorate old lampshades are only limited to your imagination, but before you decorate a lampshade, it should be clean and dust free. The following information provides easy instructions for cleaning paper and fabric shades. After your lampshades are free from dust and dirt, consider the following ideas to decorate them. This is an easy and inexpensive way to provide a new look that will brighten and revitalize any room.

Cleaning Fabric Lampshades

Unless instructions indicate otherwise, don’t make the mistake of washing your fabric lampshades. Water can permanently damage the material, and metal parts can rust. Instead of possibly ruining the lampshade, clean it with a lint roller. A lint roller is a wonderful tool for cleaning and removing dust from a fabric lampshade. Simply roll away dust and dirt, and clean or replace the sticky roller as necessary. A simple lint roller can save an otherwise dingy and dirty lampshade.

Cleaning Paper Lampshades

Paper shades can be cleaned and refreshed with a clean art gum eraser. Knead and soften a new art gum eraser, and gently dab away dust, dirt, and grime. Periodically knead the eraser, and continue dabbing until it’s clean.

Lampshade Decorating Ideas

If your old lampshade isn’t in perfect condition, or if you just want to give your old lampshade a new look, consider the following ideas. There are a number of inexpensive ways to decorate an old shade that won’t cast a shadow on your wallet.

Artificial flowers and foliage can decorate an old lampshade and turn it into a work of art. To make a flower covered lampshade, simply remove artificial fabric flowers and leaves from their stems, and randomly attach them to a fabric or paper lampshade with a dab of hot glue. Cover the entire shade with a garden of flowers and leaves, or space the flowers and leaves equally so portions of the lampshade remain visible.

Do you want your shades to match the paint or color scheme of a particular room? Consider spattering your lampshades with paint. Using an old toothbrush or paintbrush, practice spattering paint on a sheet of paper. Hold the paint-covered brush in one hand, and apply and release pressure on the brush with the other. Practice your technique, and when you’re confident you can create just the right pattern, spatter your old shade for an impressive designer look.

For a new look that’s really different, how about creating silhouettes? All you have to do is glue shapes inside the shade, and the light from the inside will create silhouettes on the outside. Cut out cardboard stars, moons, flowers, geometric shapes, or any other identifiable shapes you desire. Securely attach the shapes with hot glue, and let the light shine through. For safety reasons, don’t use a light bulb over sixty watts in your silhouette shade, and make sure the shapes you attach don’t come in contact with the bulb.

Revamp an old lamp with your favorite designer paper. Simply glue paper of your choice to the outside of the lampshade, and give it shine with spray on lacquer. You can attach an old map, wrapping paper, wallpaper, or your child’s favorite drawings. Use your imagination, and turn your old lampshade into a unique work of art that will decorate, lighten, and brighten your world.

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