Toaster Oven Review: Oster 6293 Convection Toaster Oven

The Oster 6293 is a six-slice toaster oven. In addition to toasting, the unit can also bake, broil, and warm different foods. You can find the Oster 6293 toaster oven for a price between $50 and $65. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered by this oven.

The Oster 6293 is incredibly simple to operate. The top control knob allows you to select between the various cooking functions. You can control the temperature of the Oster 6293 using a second knob. There is also a third control knob which allows you to control the timer provided by the convection toaster oven.

The Oster 6293 is also easy to maintain. The double-walled interior is a non-stick design and also self-cleaning. Therefore, you will rarely have trouble with stains. The Oster 6293 is also equipped with a removable crumb tray at the bottom of the oven. The crumb tray is simple to maintain as you can keep it clean by just using soap and warm water.

This convection toaster oven also offers two reversible cooking racks. You can move these cooking racks to two different positions. Also, the Oster 6293 provides enough interior space to accommodate up to three small dishes at once. The outside of the oven features stay-cool handles so that you can move the Oster 6293 safely and easily.

The Oster 6293 provides a wide range of temperatures. It can cook foods at a temperature between 150 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. The unit also provides a range of toast settings from light to dark so that your toast turns out exactly the way you want it. The Oster 6293 even offers a 60-minute timer that will automatically shut the oven off. A bell will also alert you whenever the cooking cycle has completed.

The Oster 6293 convection toaster oven is packaged with a few cooking accessories. In addition to the two cooking racks, you are also provided with a broiler insert and a baking pan. The Oster 6293 will also look good on your countertop thanks to the brushed stainless steel design. You won’t need to have too much space available as the unit only measures 12 inches high, 20 inches long, and 15 inches deep.

If you’re looking for a new toaster oven for your kitchen, then you should take a look at the Oster 6293. The double-walled interior is self-cleaning and has a non-stick design. The Oster 6293 also provides a wide range of temperatures between 150 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

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