Cleaning Your House: Tips for Organization, Tidiness and More

Step 1: Organize, organize, organize! Get three large boxes. Label them, “Stay,” “Go,” and “Don’t Know.” As you clean, you should begin adding to these boxes accordingly. DO NOT be afraid of the Go box, its there for your benefit. If you touch something and you automatically think Go, let it Go.

Step 2: Start high. Begin at the tippity top of your house. Let whatever is going to fall, fall. Dust, dirt, debris, and all. You’ll get back to it.

Step 3: Go one room at a time. Pick a room, any room. Just complete the task at hand. Don’t forget to use your boxes. Have lots of junk mail? Throw it all into plastic shopping bags, you can sort through this later.

Step 4: Leave no stone unturned. Move everything. I know it sounds difficult, but in the end you will feel a alot better about yourself. Gather your strength and move that sofa.

Step 5: Don’t forget to dust. Dusting is vital. make sure your armed with a duster at all time. Dust accumulates and spreads so as a precaution dust it all.

Step 6: Sweep it all away. Make sure you get every nook and cranny. Under the bed, behind the trash can. Get it all, the bigger the pile, the more you see how often you should really clean your house.

Step 7: The mop (or vaccuum) is your best friend. Clean your floors good. Floors can be a focal point. If you have company often make sure your floors stand out.

Step 8: Go through you boxes. Double check your Stay and Don’t Know boxes. I’m sure you’ll find some more stuff to toss into the Go box.

Step 9: Make sure you didn’y miss anything. Go back through every room and double check your work. Who wants to get up while your supposed to be resting to wipe the smudge on the mirror.

Step 10: Rest. Relax, have a cup of tea. Be proud of your work. You did it. And see it wasn’t so bad after all.

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