Hearth Trends Electric Stove AMBS23001 Review

We live in an old drafty house and running the kerosene through the floor vents around the whole house is very expensive these days. My husband saw this replica of traditional cast iron wood burning stove in our Walmart and after discussing about it for few days we purchased it.

I love this heater! It looks very authentic but is not overly big or bulky. The fake fire burning behind the logs can be adjusted higher or lower and there is two heat settings, 750 watts or full 1500 watts letting you choose the heat level.

There is even a knob that let’s you work the thermostat for desired temperature and the unit shots the heat off when it is reached. I love the way this looks in the corner of our living room and our children love sitting in front of it and enjoying the warm air that comes from the bottom without being too hot. Everyone who has visited so far has been impressed by the authentic look and feel and the price that was VERY affordable!

This unit was very easy to set up, basically you just plug it in and turn it on! The best part of it though is the actual heat! You’ll get 5000 BTUs and and this promises to heat approximately 400 square feet. This allows us to keep the areas we are using in the daytime even in the frigid temperatures cozy and warm with a fraction of a heating cost from the kerosene we have to run through the whole house at all times!

Phoenix Innovations is a Canadian company and I am very pleased that they came up with such high quality but affordable an beautiful heating solution even for lower income families!

Sometimes at night when I shut the TV off and lower the lights I just cuddle up on my favorite chair next to heater and enjoy the nostalgic warm feel this heater creates all around it!

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