Review: Monster SC60 Superclean Multi-Surface Steam Cleaner

Looking for a versatile cleaner that could be used all over the house brought me to the Monster SC60 Superclean Multi-Surface Steam Cleaner. I was attracted to this product because it kills germs and dissolves dirt without using any chemicals. The product costs about $100 but I believe it will pay for itself in the money you will save on buying chemical cleaners in the future. This steam cleaner can be used as a canister or as a portable steam cleaner for smaller areas. This versatile product allows me to clean most of my house much faster than I could in the past.

The product has a stainless steel boiler which works to quickly heat water to temperatures high enough to clean all kinds of dirt. It promises to deliver “total hygiene” and that cleaned surfaces will stay clean for a week. The cleaner is great for removing built up wax from floors that is nearly impossible to get off with any other method.

I really like using this steam cleaner for doing windows. It is quick and effecting. The product comes with a squeegee attachment so it cleans and dries the glass all in one step.

I originally purchased it to clean the grout in my bathroom. It worked well to loosen up the dirt and then I used a brush to scrub everything down. It did take some work but I am pleased with the results. It was great because I didn’t have to use any chemicals in my small, unventilated bathroom. There are also attachments for cleaning the sinks and toilet. This cuts down on my cleaning time because I can use one product for several different purposes.

The steam cleaner works well for cleaning out my cats’ litter box. I can bring it outside and it steams it down to get rid of all the germs and smells. I greatly prefer this over trying to wash it in the kitchen sink and spreading germs around. Now, I don’t even have to touch it.

The product is light and easy to transport. Even when filled with water I would say it weighs less than 10 pounds. It holds about 4 cups of water so it can be heated and ready to go in under 5 minutes. I would suggest you use the highest steam settings for most jobs because it leaves less water sitting behind to wipe up. This product has done a great job cleaning my house for over a year now.

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