Close Those Major Credit Cards and Save Money

This article is about stop using credit cards and saving money along with making money work to our advantage. Do we ever really think of all the money that we spend on junk every other day? Probably not.

We often waste thousands of dollars of money throughout the year starting out with a dollar here and there for our cups of coffee or soda pops. We spend money like crazy throughout the year at the donut shops and bagel shops and other places. We spend more money than we ever realize unless we track our spending habits.

One day it finally dawned on me when I got one of those statements at the end of the year from one of the credit card companies in the mail. The end of the year statement showed how much money that I had spent on stuff that was just junk divided into each specific category.

I sat there in shock wondering what happened to all of that stuff that I bought over the year. Half of the junk I didn’t even have anymore. Some of the junk I had thrown away. The rest of it was lost or I had given it away to someone.

I realized that if I hadn’t of spent all that money on junk then I could have had at least a couple of thousand dollars of cash sitting in the bank at the end of that year. I was in shock how much money was racked up throughout the year with just a swip of my credit card on useless junk!

I felt like such a idiot cause I knew that if I had the thousands of dollars in cash sitting in my hand there was no way that I would of spent it all on something that small and worthless. I would of bought something big with it. Something that was useful somehow. Something that had a meaning instead of just junk.

Get a Savings Account!

Since then I have decided to manage my money better. I put money away each month into a savings account that has a good return rate. The amount of money will grow as each year goes by. In a couple of years I will have a good amount of money sitting in the savings account along. I suggest getting a savings account to save money each month throughout the year! You will be quite surprised at how much money you can save!

Close those Major Credit Cards!

I noticed a major difference in spending since I have closed all of my major credit cards and only keep one with a small spending limit. I have saved myself from spending thousands of dollars on worthless junk. I now think twice before I put anything on my baby credit card.

Use a Debit Card !

I use my debit card so the money comes out of my checking account. I keep track of how much money I spend. I suggest for you to just use your debit card so therefore you won’t run up your credit cards.

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