Colon Spasms Caused by the Microwave

Today no one considers the natural or holistic remedies of our grandparents day but more and more are learning of alternative means. I’m not saying your family doctor should be rejected. Not at all. Before beginning any alternative treatment or herbal application it should be run by your family doctor.

I started out early in life being heavily influenced by religion. My church doctrine was strict and practiced every week. That was to honor the ‘Sabbath and keep it holy’ by fasting. No food. Only water. Over ten + years I rarely missed a single week. One day I became sick. I recognized the symptoms of Toxic Shock. Something told me to immediately go on a liquid fast and also to give myself enemas. I did. Within 4 hours I was getting better and by the 2nd day totally recovered!

I decided to do more experiments on this wonder by fasting sometimes 3 days at a time. Even though I barely weighed 115 lbs. I felt lighter! Clearer. Cleaner! There was an overall feeling of calm and peace I can’t totally describe. I was hooked and began to do this on a regular basis.

About 5 years later I came down with some type of illness the doctors could not figure out when I visiting friends out of town. After being rushed to the hospital with vomiting, bloody diarrhea, dizziness, incredible pain in my abdomen and loss of consciousness (the paramedics gave me oxygen before they put me on the stretcher and continued it in the ambulance) and tried to recall what was so different that I had done to come to this? I was thankful that by then I knew my body pretty well and had eaten a pretty standard diet. Yet here I was. Then it occurred to me I had been heating and cooking all my food in a microwave. I told the doctor but he ignored me and said my colon had gone into spasms and was giving me a prescription.
I was released from the hospital and my friends came and got me. They were in disbelief at my recovery. Everyone in the apartment building, that saw me, thought I was dying!

Later, I thought perhaps I was wrong and it wasn’t the microwave. Yet, still hesitant, I heated up something and took a couple of bites. The painful spasms came back with a vengeance! Taking the pills the doctor had given me, I lay in bed contorted with pain until the pills did their job.

So, I was right! I had to stay away from microwave heated food. Once I went out to eat with my friends and told the waiter that none of my food could be cooked or heated in a microwave. He insisted it was not. Yet, before finishing the meal my colon went into spasms. I took the pills, thankful I had had the foresight to bring them with me and we hurriedly left.

After that I returned home and set out to immediately give myself a good colonic cleansing but this time I was ‘pulling out all the stops’ (no pun intended). I went on a liquid fast for 3 days taking psyillium seed husk, bentonite and herbal laxative tablets, a package kit for old fashioned colonics, Vitratox.*

Then, I looked up a hydrocolonic clinic, made an appointment and went in. It was the first time I had ever done this. Up to that point only enemas. The woman that was to administer it was a former nurse who went holistic! I learned a lot. If you have never had a colonic cleansing this way it can be a bit daunting and weird but its well worth it. You lie down on a bed like in any doctor’s office but what’s different is that there is a sort of water heater sized machine lying next to you, on its side but made mostly of glass and full of water. I was told everything ahead of time to let me know what was coming and that helped. Believe me! She had a length of tubing and held up where one end went into the glass machine and the other end…went into me! Gulping I got images of cold water going up ‘me bum’! But the nurse must have felt my concern and quickly added the water would be warm and comfortable. If it wasn’t just tell her. And when the water was going in I also could tell her when I had the feeling of ‘fullness’ and she would then let the water reverse. And she told me to watch the glass machine closely! I did as the first release went in and saw clouds of white, yellow to brownish liquid streams and bits of other fecal matter, bits of corn kernels, peanuts, etc. passed thru. It was amazing! Even as much as I had done to keep my colon clean and I ate very little red meat I had all that in ME?!

From that point on I made a commitment to always give myself what that nurse had called a ‘high colonic’. But how to do that on a regular basis? Back then it was about $30.00 for a one hour session. I couldn’t afford that weekly and nor the time involved to get there and do it. So I went to the holistic section of a new age book store and found lots of information. A very good book on bowel management.** This is where I first heard the phrase, “Death begins in the colon”. I learned how to create my own colema board. For home use, it takes a bit of creativity and dogged determination but it gives you a home-made appliance to give yourself a high colonic as often as you wanted and in total privacy! Also, I found out the importance of taking vitamins, minerals, calcium, etc. before doing a long fast. Very important especially if you eat a lot of sweets – that is refined sugar.*** The first time I used the colema board I had been fasting for 4 days taking the product that was combination psyllium seed and bentonite. I followed all the instructions and what came out you wouldn’t believe! In sections at least a foot and a half long (unbroken) and black as coal! And perfectly outlining my colon shape! It kept coming! Again, I’m talking about a person that rarely ate red meat or pork and after the (paid) hydrocolonic weeks earlier! I was astounded! It reminded me then of my grandparents and how they swore that if you didn’t clean out your insides once or twice a year then you’re apt to come down sick or seriously ill. As far as I knew they never got sick and when they died it was from natural causes. I thought, perhaps if they had done it more often they would have lived a lot longer AND stayed healthy! I also knew from what I had read that keeping your colon clean gave you several amazing benefits. Strengthened the immune system. Slowed down the aging process (starving cells that couldn’t get nourishment because of toxic-laden fecal matter glued to the colonic walls blocking life giving nutrients) and more energy!

I did that for almost ten years. Today, people from all walks of life that I come across don’t believe my chronological age. Usually saying I could pass for ten years younger and some say 20! I have had guys, younger then my son, ‘hit on me’! Start while you can. As soon as you can. The older you get the more you have to undo and clean out. Go to your doctor and say you want to get on a good detoxification program or find one on your own and tell him what it encompasses. You would be amazed at how much better, clearer you become. Of course, every person is different taking into account of age, eating habits, genetics, etc. Now, I can eat microwave cooked food again although I don’t do it that often.

This is from my own experience but based on iridology, physical exams and tests, I was told that I have an amazingly strong constitution! I’m 54 years old and certain people still insist that I show my ID to prove my age is fact!

Don’t know where to start? Go thru good search engines on the web or look up local health food stores. Call them on the phone first if you’re uncomfortable talking to someone in person. Read up on everything that I have said here whether you believe me or not. But ideally, it would be best for you to keep an open mind and do your own research then go from there.

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