Columbian Home Graniteware Covered Roaster

This past holiday season I got a new roaster for cooking the turkey. In previous times, I had always used the disposable foil roasting pan and covered it with layers of foil. This time I had a new Columbian Home Graniteware Roaster with lid to prepare the meal. Although the roaster worked beyond belief, my turkey didn’t fare so well. That’s because I was used to letting the turkey cook much longer in a foil pan than what was required for the roasting pan.

With the Columbian Home Roaster, the time required to cook a dish is much less than if you use other pans or foil. The lid holds in the heat, allowing the meal to cook quicker than ever. Since this was unknown to me, I overcooked the turkey. But, that didn’t keep me from using my roaster again and again.

I’ve adjusted to the shorter time periods of roasting a dinner, and this not only cuts down the time but saves on energy as well. You can toss a chicken or piece of beef into the roaster, add some veggies, and the entire meal will be done in no time. And, since the lid holds in the steam, you don’t have to continually turn the meat over to make sure it’s completely cooked.

Although you can purchase many foil pans for the price of a Columbian Home Roaster, you won’t be able to beat the way it cooks. The pan is virtually indestructible, too, so that means you’ll have it for years to come.

No need to worry whether your roasting pan will rust – it won’t. It’s dishwasher safe and can even go from oven to fridge and back. They make various sizes of the roasting pans so you can make a small meal for a small family or a huge meal for a large family.

The Columbian Home Roaster even looks good enough to set directly on the table. It’s porcelain coated steel that is functional and attractive. It resists chipping, staining, scratching, dents and warping, too. And, it came with a lifetime warranty as well.

Many of us remember Mom or Grandma cooking with these types of roasters, since they’ve been around for many years. The roaster is equipped with handles that are strong and unbreakable, allowing you to carry even heavy dinners with ease.

I love the Columbian Home Roaster and I think you will, too. They’re great for poultry dishes, casseroles, various beef dishes, and much more. Just throw everything into the same pot and place in the oven; before you know it, you’ll have a complete dinner that’s perfectly roasted.

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