Peter Rabbit Organics: First Person Review

In an effort to serve my children healthy treats, I recently contacted the Peter Rabbit Organics company for a free sample to review. Generously, the company sent three squeezable pouches for my kids to try. I received the Pear and Apple, Mango pouch, the Banana and Orange pouch, and the Kale, Broccoli, and Mango pouch. The food had excellent vitamins and nutrients that were important to my daughter’s growing body. Because the company sells the pouches at many major retailers, I’ve previously let my daughter grab one on the way to the checkout line with my coffee. Before my review process, I’d never asked my daughter’s opinion about the product. After sampling the three products, I was happy to let my daughter continue to purchase the product when we passed the items in retail stores when I was running errands.

Review of the Food
When the items arrived, my daughter got so excited when she saw the squeezable pouches. You would have thought my daughter had received candy! Squeezable pouched have a fun factor that really attracts my kids. My daughter was particularly excited about the animal on the front of the pouch, which was a rabbit, and she knew without me telling her that the character was Peter Rabbit. The first item my daughter wanted to eat was the pouch with kale and broccoli. I was happy to find a way to get my daughter to eat items she wouldn’t usually try. While having a cartoon animal on the front helped get my daughter’s attention, I evaluated the food for more than just its marketing techniques.

Even though products contain healthy ingredients, such as broccoli and kale, the company didn’t season the food with sugar, salt, or artificial ingredients. As a parent, I wholeheartedly liked the ingredients that the company used. Each pouch was under 100 calories, making the item a great snack or treat for my kids. The food was USDA organic, and the pouches were BPA free. Also, the products were made in the USA, which gave me even more reason to trust the manufacturing of the product. I felt confident that my daughter was snacking on wholesome ingredients, and I knew my daughter loved the taste of the product because she told me she did!

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised that my daughter was interested in eating such healthy ingredients without having any added sweeteners. I had planned to give my younger daughter, my infant, a few bites. My older daughter loved the item so much that she ate all three packs without saving any for her younger sister. Clearly the product received approval from my daughter, and it gained my approval as a mom. As a thank you to my readers, check out Theresa’s Reviews on Facebook for the announcement of a giveaway of some yummy, free Peter Rabbit Organics pouches in late December!

I received a free product to help inform my writing.

The Contributor was given a gift or sample to inform this content.

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