How to Heat Oil for Chile Rellenos

Chile rellenos or stuffed Chile, is a Mexican recipe that is made of chile stuffed with meat mince and cheese. The stuffed chile is then covered with a batter and deep fried in oil until golden brown. While making the filling and the batter is not a tough task, frying the chile rellenos really needs some attention. If you do not fry them the right way, they may lose the typical flavour. However, following some simple instructions, you can make your own super crispy chile rellenos.

Things Required:

– Frying pan
– Stove
– Suitable oil


  • 1

    Choose the right cooking pan

    The first step in heating the oil optimally for your Chile Rellenos is to choose the right pan for frying. Whenever you are going to fry several batches in one sitting, it is necessary to choose a frying pan that does not heat up quite quickly. Since Chile rellenos are deep fried, choose one with a deep bottom. If you don’t have one, a shallow pan will also work, but you will have to turn the chile rellenos once one side has been browned. A cast iron pan is best for deep frying, since it heats up slowly and evenly.

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    Non-stick frying pan

    If you are diet conscious and want to avoid even shallow fried rellenos, try to get a non-stick frying pan. You will still need some oil to give the rellenos a nice golden brown colour and add some flavour, but not too much. It will keep the batter of rellenos from sticking to the bottom or sides of the pan, even if you are using a few teaspoons of oil.

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    Monitor and adjust the heat/ flame

    For nicely browned, well cooked and crispy Chile Rellenos, keep monitoring the flame of your stove. You may need to increase and decrease the flame a few times while frying the rellenos. Once your oil has reached boiling point, adjust the knob on your stove to keep the oil and chile rellenos from burning.

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    Use the appropriate cooking oil

    Use appropriate cooking oil to fry your chile rellenos. Not all cooking oils can be used, especially if the temperature is supposed to rise to 446 degrees Fahrenheit (230 degrees Celsius). Some oils, like olive oil, start producing smoke when heated too much. This will badly affect the taste of your food. For high temperature frying, use any of these cooking oils: sunflower oil, canola or rapeseed oil, soybean oil, palm oil or avocado oil.

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