Make a Candy Bouquet

Everyone loves candy, and a candy bouquet makes a wonderful surprise gift that can be given to celebrate any occasion. Candy bouquets are colorful, enticing, and very impressive, but candy bouquets assembled by professional retailers can be very expensive.

You don’t have to purchase a ready-made candy bouquet from a store. Save yourself a considerable amount of money and make an extraordinary bouquet of sweet treats that will impress anyone who receives it. Kids and adults alike love candy bouquets.

The following information provides instructions on making a beautiful candy bouquet. This bouquet of decadent delights can be personalized for any gift-giving occasion, and it’s the perfect present for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Necessary Supplies and Ideas

To make a candy bouquet you’ll need a flowerpot, florist foam, ribbon, lollipop sticks, two or three shades of Ã?¼ inch wide green ribbon, a low-temperature glue gun, shredded black paper, and craft supplies necessary to decorate the flowerpot. Lastly, you’ll need enough wrapped treats to make a bouquet.

Choose larger types of wrapped treats such as candy bars, cookie pops, molded chocolates, rainbow lollipops, and other wrapped goodies of the appropriate size. Don’t skimp on the goodies. Buy enough wrapped treats to make a full bouquet according to the size of the flowerpot.

The flowerpot can be big or small, and it can be plastic, terracotta, or ceramic. It doesn’t matter what the flowerpot is made of because these are flowers that aren’t going to require water! Choose a flowerpot with a design, or decorate it yourself. Decorating options are endless.

Craft supplies to decorate the flowerpot can include craft paint, paper twist, faux gems, and spray-on glitter. Other embellishments to consider are buttons, flat marbles, scrapbook stickers, small polished stones, and any other decorations you desire. Use your imagination to come up with ideas for embellishments to personalized the bouquet especially for the recipient.


Begin this fun and easy project by decorating a flowerpot of your choice. Paint a sentimental message if you wish, or paint the flowerpot with graphics appropriate for the occasion. Graphic ideas can be found online, and if you’re not artistically inclined, consider using stencils.

Embellish the flowerpot further by gluing on flat marbles, faux gems, or colorful buttons. You could also attach three-dimensional stickers designed for scrapbooks, or pretty stones. You can’t make a mistake while decorating the flowerpot for this fun and imaginative bouquet.

While the glue and/or paint are drying, make the faux flowers. If the treats you’ve chosen isn’t equipped with sticks, glue lollipop sticks to the narrow end of each wrapped treat with a low-temperature glue gun. After the glue has dried, tie green bows beneath each wrapped candy to represent foliage.

After the embellishments are securely in place and the candy blooms are ready to go, it’s time to make the bouquet. Fill the pot with florist foam, and begin pushing the candy sticks into the foam. Arrange the candy as you would arrange a beautiful bouquet, and top the foam with shredded black paper.

The recipient will be thrilled with this decorative and tasty treat. No matter the occasion, and candy bouquet is a fantastic gift for kids and adults of all ages. Make one today for a special friend or loved one.

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