Common Information Appearing on a Background Check

Have you recently applied for a new job? If you have it is likely that a background check was completed on yourself. Background checks are increasing in popularity for many hiring businesses. Have you ever wondered what type of information appears on a background check? The answer actually depends on how the background check was obtained.

There are a large number of ways to check the background of an individual. There are a few states that limit the use of personal information, such as the information used on background checks. Although a few states may prevent everyday individuals from obtaining the information, it is often different when the information is used for employment reasons.

For a detailed background check, one that will provide a complete history, more information will need to be obtained. For this reason, many individuals choose to hire an outside company to perform the background check. Although they will charge a fee, the majority of companies specializing in background checks will be able to find more information in a shorter period of time. It is often easier for these companies to access the information in certain states, where privacy may be a concern.

One of the most common items that will appear on a background check is an individual’s criminal history. A criminal history report is very important to individuals, especially when trying to obtain a job. Common information that may be disclosed on a background check may include any crimes committed, jail time served, probation, or if the individual in question was released on parole. Information obtained from a reputable background check company or by directly contacting state or local officials is the most accurate.

Additional information that may appear on a background check is an individual’s financial history or current financial situation. This piece of information is very important for individuals who are preparing to marry or enter into a business partnership. A credit history report that appears on a background check is similar to one that you may be subject to when applying for a credit card or loan.

It is possible for background checks to be performed with little or no information on the individual in question; however, for more detailed results additional items may be acquired. A social security number is the best way to receive a detailed and accurate search; however, since most individuals requesting a background check do not have one, it is always not needed. Common information that will be needed for a background check may include the individuals full name, age, address, or any past addresses for the last seven to ten years.

A background check is used in many situations. Although a background check is most popular with hiring employers, just about anyone can request one. Background checks can open your eyes to the secrets of an individual’s past.

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