Comparison of Outdoor Built in Gas Grills

Choosing what type of outdoor grill or kitchens is as hard as choosing a house these days. You can get anything from a simple charcoal grill for less than $100 all the way up to a complete kitchen set up with grill burners and cabinets for $12,000 or more. The one listed here do not come with cabinets, you have to build that yourself or buy them separately. What these are are gas grills without the bases so you can just pop them in, set up the gas lines and get cooking. They are all in the 36 in range, but have different features and, of course, different prices. You have to decide what is more important to you, saving money or getting as many features as you can. And you can always up grade to a higher end model, but since this will be going into a custom cabinet it would have to be the same size. The prices are the suggested prices and these are available from a variety of stores, bout on line and conventional, so when you decide on what you want, do some shopping around. You can probably get a better price than the manufacturers suggested price. Another thing to consider is the fact that anything that is built in, becomes a permanent feature of the house and if in the future you decide to sell your house, it will add to the houses value.

Frigidare GL38LBEC – 38″ Liquid Propane Gas Grill
Frigidare has been one of th top makes in household appliances practically since there has been household appliances. Their entry in this category is a Liquid Propane Gas grill and has a suggested price of $1,514. It is stainless steel and has a 730 sq. in cooking surface.

ThermadorChar-Glo Drop-In Outdoor 36” Barbecue – CGBD36RX $3,739.00
This one is on the high end of the price line, but it does come with a lot of extras. It is not only a regular barbecue, it is also a smoker and it has a Heavy-Duty Rotisserie. And it come with a good warrantee: Full parts and labor (1 year) Limited parts (5 years) and a Limited lifetime warranty against rust-through for stainless steel burners and components.

24 Inch Built-In Grill – 24NB $1,213.87
by American Outdoor Grill| Model number: 24NB
The prices is for the 24 inch, but they have this model in sizes up to 36 inches. The 36 inch model has a cooking area of 600 sq inches It does have a good deal of features for grills in this price range like a rotisserie and you have your choice of built in or portable and you have your choice of liquid propane or natural gas

Crown Verity, Inc Built-In Outdoor Charbroiler, natural gas, 39-1/2 $2,860.00 CRW-BI36NG
This is a Built-In Outdoor Charbroiler, natural gas, 39-1/2″L x 27″D, 34″ x 21″ grill area with 5 burners. That and the fact that it is Charbroiler make it a little bit different from a normal grill.

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