Product Review: Bosch 1619EVS Plunge Router

The Bosch 1619EVS is a heavy-duty plunge router. This 13.3-pound router is equipped with a 3.25hp variable-speed motor. You can the Bosch 1619EVS for a price between $275 and $325. Let’s take a look at some of the features offered with this router.

The speed control dial is located on top of the motor’s housing. The dial has markers from 1-6 that denote between 8,000 and 21,000 RPMs. The speed control dial on the Bosch 1619EVS plunge router doesn’t have built-in stop or detents. This will allow you to adjust the dial to any RPM range.

The Bosch 1619EVS is equipped with a trigger-style power switch. The switch is located on the right handle and has a detent that helps to prevent the tool from starting up accidentally. The handle also has a shielded button so that you can lock the switch to the on position when using the tool with an external switch. You simply have to squeeze the trigger again to release the trigger lock.

The 3.25hp motor in the Bosch 1619EVS also has a soft-start feature so that the tool is easier to handle on startup. This reduces the initial torque generated when you start up the plunge-router. The Bosch 1619EVS will gradually increase the speed until it reaches the RPM setting on the speed dial.

This plunge router comes with 1/4-inch and 1/2-inch collets. Both collets are designed to fit the bit shanks tightly so that they don’t come loose during operation. The collets are also self-extracting so that you can easily remove from the Bosch 1619EVS them once the collet nut has been loosened.

Another useful feature of the Bosch 1619EVS is the constant response system. The system constantly monitors the RPM speed. If the RPMs decrease below the setting on the dial, the system will add more electrical power so that the motor can maintain the selected RPM speed.

You can easily use the Bosch 1619EVS plunge router as a hand-held tool. The base has a diameter of 7.5 inches which helps to add more stability. The base also proves useful when you want to mount the Bosch 1619EVS on a table. The flat edge allows you to follow clamped-on fences with increased accuracy. There are also bosses cast into the base which accept Bosch’s series of guide fences.

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