Fasta Pasta the Microwave Cooker

I like cooking for my family but I have a day job so you can imagine the short-cuts I try to do in the kitchen. When I came across the Fasta Pasta The Microwave Cooker, I was more than a bit skeptical. After all, who cooks pasta in a microwave? Still, it was so cheap that I figured it was worth the gamble. My opinion? I am 100% glad that I gave it a try.

The first time I tried Fasta Pasta The Microwave Cooker, I studied the cooking chart really well. The cooking chart works so my advice is for people to believe it. I like my pasta really al dente so I cooked it for 15 minutes and the pasta was absolutely perfect. It’s as easy as adding water to Pasta The Microwave Cooker and nuking the pasta in the microwave. Also, make sure you follow the water level guides because adding too little or too much water can greatly affect the results.

I was also worried about the noodles sticking in the Fasta Pasta The Microwave Cooker but so far, I haven’t had that problem. Another thing I love about this kitchen tool is how it is so easy to clean up. I just stick it in the dishwasher and all is well. With the traditional way of cooking pasta, my kitchen is always left in a mess. Fasta Pasta The Microwave Cooker has made my life a lot easier.

My one complaint about the Fasta Pasta The Microwave Cooker is its capacity. You see, I have a hungry family of five and the servings just aren’t enough. So if you’re serving a large group, it can become a hassle. I would think the Fasta Pasta The Microwave Cooker is only sufficient for a family of three.

Also, don’t believe people when they say you don’t need to stir the pasta when using the Fasta Pasta The Microwave Cooker. If you are making pasta like macaroni and penne, make sure you stir halfway through the cooking time to prevent the pasta from sticking together.

I’ve had my share of disappointments when it comes to microwave cookware but Fasta Pasta The Microwave Cooker is different. I recommend this product to busy moms who need to make delicious and healthy meals but dislike spending too much time in a hot kitchen. We now have pasta two to three times a week and my family isn’t complaining.

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