5 of the Most Common Flea Control Myths

5 of the Most Common Flea Control Myths

If you’ve ever had fleas in your house, you know it is no joke. You want to get rid of them completely and as quickly as possible. There are several flea control methods that have turned out to be Myths. This article will reveal what those myths are so you don’t waste any time getting rid of the fleas in your home.

Myth 1: During the cold winter months you don’t need to worry about fleas. This is false. Most parts of the world don’t get cold enough to keep fleas away. Also, last time I checked most animals live indoors with their owners. The temperature indoors is ideal for fleas, no matter what the temperature is outside. They love humidity and can plant themselves in your carpet fibers. They then increase in warmer weather and stick around to bother you and your pets in the winter.

Myth 2: Dogs get their fleas from wild animals. This has been proven false. Wild animals carry their own species of fleas, and even if they had their chance to infest your animal, those fleas don’t have the capability to reproduce. If you pet has fleas you need to be concerned with your own house and it’s environment.

Myth 3: Fleas are a harmless annoyance. We wish fleas were harmless. They may just annoy us, but they can do serious damage to your pet. Some common conditions resulting from constant flea bites include: allergic dermatitis, flea anemia, cat scratch fever, and tapeworm infections. So if you have a flea infestation, take it seriously.

Myth 4: My pet cannot have fleas because we live inside, have hardwood floors, and no one else in my family has been bitten. This kind of thinking is false. Fleas love the temperature most homes provide. People are not the fleas first choose so they may not bite you. I have hardwood floors, and when I bought my house it was infested with fleas. The previous occupants had not cared properly for their animals and left me with a houseful of fleas. I did not occupy the house for several weeks and there was no carpet at all anywhere in the house. So the above myth is false.

Myth 5: Giving my pet garlic will get rid of their fleas. This is totally false. There is no scientific evidence that garlic gets rid of fleas.

If you have fleas in your home I recommend you get an exterminator that specializes in them. That is what I had to do after I tried every method known to man including flea bombs. Then if you have pets (at the time I didn’t) make sure you get Advantage from your Vet and administer it each month as directed.

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