The Cherry Tree Trio

In three of the houses that sit along Cherry Tree Trace reside three children; Chase, Tracy, and Trixie. Chase had long been known for teasingly tricking and trapping Tracy and Trixie. For example, there was that time that Chase chose to trap Tracy in a trash can near the Cherry Tree Track, on which trucks race. Why, believe it or not, Troy Chapman, Chase’s uncle, won a trophy during the last race held at the track.

Chase has tricked Trixie, too. Once, Chase chopped up charred chili-and-cheddar potato chips and chose to pose them as though they were teeny, tiny chunks of triple-decker chocolate chip cheesecake. Indeed, tenacious Chase had become stubbornly unstoppable. As illustrated through his trapping of Tracy and tricking of Trixie, Chase’s teasing and tormenting had transpired for too long. Tracy and Trixie thought it was time for a change. It was time for Chase to treat Trixie and Tracy with a treasure trove of trustworthiness and respect.

“Chase–it’s time for us to call a truce!” demanded Trixie when, one day, she saw Chase playing checkers outdoors with his younger sister, Trish. Chase stood up from his chair.

“What do you mean, Trixie?” Chase asked as he stood nearby the table at which sat Trish and the checkerboard with its stash of checkers.

“Chase, it is time for you to trash your atrocious tricks and treacherous traps and treat Tracy and me with a trough full of tremendous respect.”

“Gee, Trixie, of all the tricks and traps I chose to use on you and Tracy, I only meant to playfully tease you two. Is Tracy around? I would like to apologize to both you and Tracy for my trend of terrible transactions.”

“Chase, that is terrific of you. I will track down Tracy and tell her that you would like to call a truce.” So Trixie travelled on her tricycle to Tracy’s house and, soon, Tracy and Trixie both trotted back toward Chase’s place.

Tracy and Trixie standing side-by-side, Chase chose to punctually apologize. “Tracy, Trixie–I am truly sorry for my terrible tricks, triggered traps and atrocious teasing,” Chase told the girls.

“Oh, Chase, we accept your apology,” Trixie and Tracy chimed in together.

With that, Chase, Trixie, and Tracy constructed a strong friendship. Calling themselves the Cherry Tree Trio, Chase changed, choosing to never again trick, trap, or tease Tracy and Trixie and promising to always treat them with extravagant respect and extreme courtesy.

The End

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