Conference Call Services

Tired of getting charged for three-way calling? Now there is a free/low cost and professional way to conduct your meetings.

How Does It Work?

Get an organizer. The organizer is the one person that contacts the conference call service and reserves the time and day the conference call will take place. The conference call service will provide the organizer with a confirmation. In the confirmation, there will be a “dial-in” number, Participant Access Code, Organizer Access Code, and call in directions. Once the organizer has the information, the organizer will forward the confirmation to all the participants.

Many times the dial-in phone number will be an out-of- state number. Therefore, for non-business calls the organizer may choose to pick a time or date that is more economical for cell phone users, such as, the weekend.

Types of Conference Calls

Free Web-scheduled and Reservationless conferences.

Web-scheduled conferences have a reserved time slot. The reservation is made in advance, on the conference service web-site. Some services will allow you to make a reservation up to five minutes before the conference.

With web-scheduled conferences there are a maximum of 100 particpants, with a three hour limit. To use this service the organizer must create an account.

Reservationless conferences allows the oraganizer and particpants to call in at anytime they which, using a general number. However, there is no gurantee that the line will be free during the time particpants need it.

With reservationless conferences there is a maximum of 25 particpants, and a 3 hour time limit. However, the oragnizer does not have to create an account.

In addition, there are premium servies for a fee that will allow more partipants, more hours, and a transcript.

When To Use?

Use anytime you have a meeting, such as, family reunion, business, or planning a party. The conference call service provides privacy and security for all calls,
with a professional twist.


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