Control Your Cat’s Wool Sucking Problem

Cats are known to suck on things made of wool including your favorite sweater, best socks, and your new blanket or towel set. Cats seem to love the soft, wooly texture so much that they suck, chew, and eat it. Vets don’t know why cats suck on wool. My dog likes to gnaw on certain types of materials so maybe it has something to do with the taste or smell, whatever the reason you need to learn how to control your cat’s wool sucking problem to keep from spending money buying new clothes or other household items.

The easiest way to control your cat’s wool sucking is to eliminate their ability to find your items. Keep all wool material far from their reach. Since cats can climb and jump to high places and crawl in drawers you will need to make sure all items are properly secured in closed drawers, doors, or cabinets. If your cat likes to suck on your bedding, then you will need to keep them from entering your bedroom or other rooms by closing the doors and training them to not go into certain rooms.

Another way to control your pet’s wool sucking is to provide them with plenty of toys to suck on. You can purchase some chewy toys made out of wool at local pet stores. Another solution is to change your cat’s diet to include a high-fiber diet. Switching to a dry food may help prevent your cat from having the desire to chew on wool. Chewing on wool may mean your cat is not getting enough nutrients from their food and dry food provides that nutrients. Or, it may also mean that your cat wants to chew on something hard when they eat, not something soft.

Another type of food that may help to control your cat’s wool sucking problem is to feed them some lettuce. For some reason, lettuce seems to cut down on a cat’s need to suck or eat wool. Like the finicky animals they are, cats seem to prefer Romaine lettuce. However, you can give it to them shredded or whole it doesn’t matter how, just make it Romaine. If your cat doesn’t seem to take to lettuce, then provide them with other types of crunchy vegetables like bacon or potato skins.

You can control your cat’s wool sucking by spraying a pet repellent on the clothes they want to chew. Once you spray and your cat tries to go after your clothes, put a wool toy next to the clothes. Your cat will soon realize that it is better to go after the wool toy sitting next to the wool instead of the wool items that have a nasty taste or smell to it. You can also use mothballs to distract your cat and keep them from going after your wool items. Put the mothballs in the laundry basket when you are not using them keep them in a small sealed container. The odor from mothballs keeps your cats away from your items.

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