Using Coupons to Cut Your Grocery Bill

Can coupons save you money? SURE THEY CAN!!! You just have to know how to do it! Start by getting coupons- lots of coupons! Get them from Sunday papers, from the Sunday papers of friends and family, online, at the store, anywhere you can. Once you start, it won’t take much time to build up a stash. You can even order some off ebay! Don’t be afraid to email companies and ask. The worst they can say is no, and sometimes you get better coupons that way than you ever would normally.

Next, find something to hold them in. I recommend a cancelled check file or something similar. You want to find something with dividers. Almost anything will work. Currently, I have mine in one of the purse-sized photo albums, and I have used a marker to print what kind of coupons are in the pocket. Once you have that, divide the coupons in a way that makes sense to you. You can divide them in categories, divide them by aisle in your favorite store, etc. I recommend categories. That way if you stop at another store, you can find your coupons easier.

Third, NEVER GO TO THE STORE WITHOUT COUPONS! You never know what kind of deal you will find! Sometimes, there are several unadvertised specials at a store. And nnever forget to look at clearance items. Pair a clearance item with a coupon for tremendous savings! I recently got a skin care product free this way.

Next, watch the sales ads! Pair a coupon with a sale and add to your savings! If it is a particularly good coupon, see if you can get more. Friends or family who get the paper are good for that. It also helps to shop at a store that doubles coupons! Also, look for tear-pads of coupons near sale items, or in the blinkie machines.

Finally, watch the wording of the coupon. For example, if it says 35 cents of ANY, getting the smallest product allowed will get it cheapest. Pay attention to expiration dates. An expired coupon is a wasted opportunity if it is for something you buy often! Look carefully. Sometimes the item pictured isn’t the only one the coupon is good for!

Now that you know, get out there and cut those coupons! Enjoy your savings!

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