Never Pay Full Price for Anything

I love shopping� for bargains. I do not believe in paying full price for anything, barring emergencies.

One of my keys to low priced purchases is post seasonal shopping. Another tactic is being always prepared to buy. My final tactics is connections and memberships: Here are my tactics:

Advice for tightwad shopping #1: Home decor

Even inexperienced bargain shoppers know to purchase ornaments and other Christmas Decor after the holiday season. However, what about the rest of the year?

âÂ?¢ Starting with the post Christmas season, I purchase next year’s ornaments as well as any glass, silver, or winter white decor items I can use for late winter decor. Cranberry items are sometimes used in late winter decor also.

� After Valentines Day, I like to stock up on discounted chocolates. I store them in the freezer. I also purchase marked down gift boxes, as they will work well all year.

� After Easter, I stock up on more candy, and Easter gift bags and baskets, which make great gift bags for children. I also get plastic eggs for the following year. My spring and summer door wreath is usually a marked down Easter wreath with the little bunnies removed.

âÂ?¢ After graduation season, I grab all the party supplies. They usually say congratulations and the year. I use them for my children’s July birthday parties. After 4 July, I grab all of the picnic items for the rest of the summer.

Advice for tightwad shopping #2: Clothing

As home schoolers, we have a unique advantage of shopping for clothes on our own schedule instead following the back to school crowd. Our main clothing schedule is:

� Winter Clothes, including new coats and sweaters are purchased in the first week of January. Since we live in Georgia, the fall clothing, layered when necessary, will suffice. Besides Coats, usually last for at least 2 years anyway.

� Spring clothes are purchased a few months earlier when summer ends. I purchase them a size large, and put them away.

� Summer clothes usually consist of whatever is left over from the Post Easter Sales.

âÂ?¢ In the fall, my children continue to wear summer clothes, layering when necessary, and adding last winters sweaters. About a month after school starts, as winter clothes are being put on display, I stock up on “Fall Wardrobe” clothing, which lasts all winter long.

Advice for tightwad shopping #3: Bedding and small household items

I am always prepared to buy bedding, kitchen, and small furniture items. I like to visit Bedding stores, department’s stores and discount stores regularly. I only buy when an item is marked down 50 – 70 %. If I can get something for 90% off, you had better believe I would jump on it, buying two or more if possible.

Advice for tightwad shopping #3: Large ticket items

For refrigerators, washer/dryers, Television, and furniture, I rely on memberships and connections. I have furniture buying account (as part time decorator), a flooring buying account, and a Costco account. If any store sells and item for a lower price than I can get at these places, then I know I am getting the best price possible.

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