Creating a Circle Around a Sphere in Fireworks

Have you ever seen the spheres with a circle line around it? Ever wonder how they did that? It can be done pretty easily using Fireworks. In this guide I will show you how to create a sphere with a circle around it using Fireworks. Follow the steps below and please refer to the images for graphic detail.

To begin, open Fireworks

Step 1 – Create a new canvas about 450 x 450 pixels with a white background.

Step 2 – In your tools panel, select the ellipse tool. Draw a circle on the canvas. Look down in your properties window where it says height and width and type in 225 x 225. That will give you a perfect circle. (Please see image 1)

Step 3 – In the color fill options, choose the radial gradient fill option. You can use the colors that you want. In my example I chose #C0D1E2 for my light color and for my dark color I chose #0A638D. (Please see image 2)

Step 4 – Now you will need to create the ring that will go around the sphere. To make the ring select the ellipse tool again and draw an elliptical shape. Draw it what ever size you like.

Step 5 – Now you will need to fill that shape in with the Linear Gradient. In my example I used the colors #AAC1D9 and # 0A6B9C. But you can choose the colors that you wish to use. (Please see image 3)

Step 6 – Now you will need to select the ellipse that you just made and copy it and then paste it on top of the other ellipse. To do that right click on the ellipse, click Edit > Copy, then right click again and click Edit > Paste. Now you will need to change the ellipse to a solid fill color. I chose the color #000000. (Please see image 4)

Step 7 – Now select the black ellipse so you can modify the size of it. Once you have it selected go to Modify at the top of your Fireworks window and click Modify > Transform > Numeric Transform. Now a dialog box will appear. Type in the following: In the width and height field type in 90. (Please see image 4)

Step 8 – Now move the black ellipse to the left of the other ellipse so that there is a wider space between the top and bottom ellipse on the right. (Please see image 4)

Step 9 – Now you will need to select both of the ellipses. To do that select the top ellipse, hold down Shift and select the next ellipse. Both ellipses should be highlighted now.

Step 10 – At the top of your window in Fireworks click Modify > Combine > Punch. Now the middle of the ellipse will be transparent. (Please See Image 5)

Step 11 – In your tools menu, select the rectangle shape and draw a rectangle from the top to the bottom of the big ellipse.

Step 12 – Select the Skew Tool to make the rectangle follow the curve of the circle. (Please See Image 6)

Step 13 – Select your ring and your rectangle. In the top of your window click Modify > Combine > Punch. The black rectangle will disapear. (Please See Image 7)

Step 14 – Now you can use the scale tool to move the ring around to where ever you like. (Please See Image 8)

After you do it once it’s pretty simple. Now that you have created one you can go back and change the colors and play around with it. You can also use the patterns that Fireworks offers or insert your own images to create a nice sphere. Fireworks is a nice graphic program that you can do many things in. Have fun!!!!

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