Creative and Practical Ways to Store Pan Lids

Pans are easiest to store when stacked from largest to smallest. They neatly fit together and take up the least amount of space when stacked according to size. The lids are another story. Because of protruding handles they do not stack very neatly, and they can be quite bulky in cabinets. They take up more room than necessary, especially when improperly stored. Why take up an entire cabinet shelf because of four or five pan lids? Use these creative and practical ways to store pan lids, and make the most of space saving options for the kitchen. They will be easy to find and readily available when needed.

Mount Towel Bars to Hold and Store Pan Lids

Towel bars are ideal for openly storing pan lids in the kitchen. Mount ordinary wooden or metal towel bars designed for kitchen or bathroom use in a convenient location. Slide them in between the towel bars and the wall. The handles will catch and keep them in place. Store them according to type and size, and they will be easy to find at a glance.

Make Good Use of the Oven Drawer

Many ovens have a lower drawer. Some people use the space to store pots and pans, but the area is better suited for storing items that do not stack very well. Use the empty space to store pan lids. They can be neatly arranged with those most commonly used on top. A single oven drawer will hold several in varying sizes along with a broiler pan.

Buy a Lid Rack for Horizontal Storage

Shop in kitchen supply stores and in retail locations that sell organizational supplies and you will find lid racks of many different sizes. They can be used vertically or horizontally, but they all have one thing in common. They will neatly and securely hold pan lids of all shapes and sizes. Consider a metal rack with vinyl coating, and place it on a cabinet shelf. Several items can be neatly and safely stored in a single location.

Attach Curtain Rods Inside of Cabinet Doors

If storage room is lacking, consider the empty space between the insides of cabinet doors and shelves. Attach ordinary adjustable curtain rods to the insides of the cabinet doors. Use the space in between the rods and the doors to hold pan lids. The handles will catch on the hardware and remain firmly in place until ready to use. They will remain hidden and neatly arranged, and you will know where to look to find just the right one for your food preparation needs.

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