Curtain Call

She glides across the room, shutting back the old dusty curtains.
Then she stops in front of the mirror and flashes a quick wink of her eye.
In the darkness, she sits down backwards in an old wooden chair staring down at the floor as if she was acting in some old popular, dark Broadway play.
Humming a solemn tune, she looks about the dark dusty room, trying to pick up the pieces she has long forgotten.
Memories fled to dust of how her life once was, echoes of the past still heard in her ear.

Again, she stands up, and flashes a wink in her half broken mirror.
She’d like to think she was sexyâÂ?¦
Perhaps a bit on the edge,
Yet again, that solemn tune escapes from her moist lips…
The memories come racing back…
Twirling about the room, on the old hardwood floor, dancing to pure silence, while the crowd cheers and laughs, her blonde hair relaxing around her round face.
‘Twas once she faced the public,
‘Tis once, there was a dream…a hope…nights to remember,

A Dream…
A dream…
My chance, my spotlight…
Here’s what it should hold.
Is it really what it seems….

Again, she turns and winks…
That sexy sly smile,
She knows who she is…
It wasn’t that long ago…
And the lights go down,
While the solemn tune chases away from her lips.
The curtains are once pulled back from the dusty old room

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