Cyber Mondays Shopping Secrets Check List

Cyber Monday is a dream day for the online shopper looking for the best electronic deals.

The savvy online shopper has developed a secret strategy for getting the best electronic deals on Cyber Monday. So it is with great risk and peril that this information is being leaked.

Get Ready : Information is critical for success .

To get the jump on the other shoppers make certain you sign up for email alerts, texting and any other form of e communications from electronic retailers. Look for and keep a list of any advertised deals. Note the price and the time they will be offered.

Find out the store guidelines before ordering. Some stores offer free shipping only after you order a minimum amount. Other rules may include an incredible offer on one product but only with the purchase of another product. Note any limits they have such as limit per customer, areas that can be shipped to or conditions that must be met before hand.

Knowing how to research for the best buys on Cyber Monday will help you to reduce information over load. There are web sites are totally devoted to just Cyber Monday. These sites will do everything from give you coupon codes to send you alerts letting you know what is being offered.

Get Set: Computer, Cell Phone and other Tools.

Prior to Cyber Monday make certain your computer and internet connection is up to the task. First and foremost make sure your fire wall is on and virus protection is up to date. G to sites you expect to visit to make certain these updates and fixes don’t interfere with your ability to navigate these sites.

On the big day have multiple tabs open to the sites you plan to shop at. Have all email alerts and communication set up to contact you on your cell, or computer task bar. Familiarize yourself with how to order from that shop.

Find out if your bank is offering a special deal for using their cards. Find out if you have to use the card at a certain retailer or for a specific item to get the the discount.

Go: Start Shopping.

Open a tab for any retail store you expect to do any shopping at. When ever possible have your card information loaded into the stores internet secure check out feature. When purchasing an item make sure you complete the purchase before moving onto the next store. Other items can be added later make sure your ordering the best deal items first. You can even order other items first and cancel them if you find the same item on sale somewhere else.

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