DIY: How to Install a Plaster Ceiling Rose

Installation of a plaster Ceiling Rose is a great way to add personality to any room in your home. What is a Ceiling Rose? Well, Ceiling Roses are plaster ordainments that can be attached to your roof for decoration. These ordainments are the ideal way to add style to any room in your home, and you can obtain Ceiling Roses at any Arts & Crafts shop. Ceiling Roses can be installed very quickly by a certified plasterer, and Ceiling Roses come in a variety of beautiful styles. I have used Ceiling Roses on many of my homes and they always look elegant, and you can choose from many different variations and styles. Installation should be done with caution and you should take the time to evaluate where the wiring is located in your house, and if there is exposed wiring you will need to have a licensed electrician cover it up. In this article we will discuss the proper methods for installation of Ceiling Roses in your home.

Choosing the Ceiling Rose:

The first step of business is to select a Ceiling Rose, choose one of these will greatly depend on the style and size that you are looking for. You can research different styles online at home improvement websites or you can consult an in store associate. Finding the right style will also depend on the materials and color selection that you choose. Pricing is usually reasonable, and you will have the ability to choose a style that fits your own unique personality.

Ceiling Rose Installation:

Now we can get onto the serious matter of installing the Ceiling Rose. You will need a power drill, bonding agent, knife, and masking tape. Begin by selecting the space in which you are going to place the Ceiling Rose. Next, use a knife to scrape away any paint from the selected surface, this will provide you a clean environment to place the bonding agent onto. Lay the masking tape around the spot where you are installing the Ceiling Rose so that you can prevent damage to your surrounding paint. Once you finish the masking tape process you can then apply the bonding agent. The bonding agent will help the Ceiling Rose stay in place on the ceiling, the bonding agent should take an hour to dry and it should be specifically made for Ceiling Roses and other ornaments.

Once the bonding agent dries you can actually install the Ceiling Rose, begin by removing the Ceiling Rose from its packaging. If the Ceiling Rose has an instruction manual with it remember to reference anything that you might not be sure of. Some variations of Ceiling Rose have screw holes in a star shaped pattern, if this is the case you will need to use a power drill to secure the Ceiling Rose in conjunction with the bonding agent. If you have one of the cheaper Ceiling Roses the odds of the thing needing screws is very slim, and you should be able to get by with just a bonding agent holding the ordainment in place.


So hopefully this article will enable you to properly install a Ceiling Rose, these are a stylish solution for adding a touch of style to bland room. Or a Ceiling Rose is the perfect solution for a room in need of an inexpensive style adjustment. Installation of a Ceiling Rose might seem daunting at first, but with the proper guidelines this DIY task can be completed within a few short hours.

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