Installing Exterior Lighting the Cheap and Easy Way

Installing outdoor lighting fixtures is a lot less daunting of a task then you think, and can be accomplished for well less than five hundred dollars. Outdoor lighting is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to dress up you home, illuminate dark areas, and possibly increase the value of your home. These days in a world of do it yourself construction projects there are a multitude of choices and options that are affordable and easy on modern homeowners.

Many, if not all, of the home improvement centers offer affordable lighting kits that are easy to install. Your choices range from solar, hardwired, or just plug style. Personally I prefer the solar style because why pay for electricity when you don’t have to. Solar kits require the least amount of effort and are sold in many different styles and amounts of lights. The maintenance on solar lights is also very simple, just occasionally wiping down the solar panel on top and changing batteries every couple of years. The lights also have no cords so digging up your yard to hide a cord isn’t even a problem. They can be moved at your whim and provide a nice soft glow which is excellent mood lighting. The average homeowner can install these kits in minutes.

Corded plug in style lights are also a viable option. The main drawback of these style lights is they must be located near an exterior outlet and they usually always come in a series. Now this usually isn’t a problem considering most people use them to illuminate walkways or entrances so a series usually looks aesthetically better. However there will be cords on your lawn unless you decide to bury the cord to avoid tripping or a lawn mower accident. These lights also are brighter as they run on household current versus the LED battery style found in solar lights.

Hardwired lights are also another option but I do not recommend them for your average home owner to do by themselves. They do require the expertise of a qualified electrician to wire directly into your household circuit panel. They also require massive amounts of work in burying and routing cables and wires under your lawn. They are however the best option for a long term, permanent solution. They are the brightest and most reliable of all the options and most kits can be purchased for a well less than two hundred dollars. The main drawback with this style is once they are placed they are permanent.

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