DIY Install Light Dimming Switch or Light Dimmer Switch

Back in the 1970’s I installed my first light dimming switch and have installed many since that time. Light dimming switches or dimmer switches come in a variety of styles, but basically all get hooked into your wall just about the same way. In a nut-shell, you will be removing an old light plate and parts, and putting the new light dimming switch or dimmer controls into the existing hole. There is nothing hard in learning to install a light dimmer switch.

How to install light dimming switch:

Turn off the electricity: With this project, you need to turn off your electricity that is going to the switch that you want your light dimming switch or dimmer switch to replace. When in doubt about what circuit breaker to turn off… turn them all off. Better safe than sorry while working with electricity. Then, go try to turn on that switch to make sure that you really do have it turned off at the main switch.

Unscrew plate and box: Grab your trusty screwdriver (or metal fingernail file) and unscrew the wall switch plate that is on the wall. Next, unscrew that metal box that is inside of the wall so that you are holding it in your hand.

Take wires off: Examine how the wires are connected to your old light switch plate and take them off. As long as your electricity is off, it is okay to touch them with your fingers.

Install new switch: To install your new light dimming switch or light dimmer switch into the wall start with the two black wires. Scrape black plastic away from the end of the wire until you have about Ã?¾” of bare wire sticking out. Do this to the black wires on your new light dimming switch or dimmer switch black wires too.

Next, twist a wall black wire to a dimming switch black wire so that they hold together tightly and cap it with a plastic top called a wire nut. The twist-on wire nuts are under 2.00 a box at the hardware store.

Wrap wires: After you have connected the top and bottom black wires from your light dimming switch into the wall, wrap the excess wire in a circular manner to make it all fit into the wall. Try not to bend your wire while getting everything into the wall so that you don’t break anything. Then, screw your light dimming switch into the wall in the same way that the old switch came out.

Turn electricity on: Your light dimming switch or light dimmer should now be installed. Turn your electricity back on and try it. If it does not work, turn the electricity off and take everything apart again. Check the wires that you have twisted together under the plastic wire caps. When these wires do not make a tight connection, the electricity will not go into the dimming switch or dimmer switch control to make it work.

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