How to Install Pre-made Cabinets

Pre made cabinets are finding their ways into home improvement stores all across America. Their ease of use and pre-made qualities make it the perfect cabinet for the do it yourselfer. They come in a variety of style and sizes which make them virtually adaptable to any home. When purchasing the cabinets for your home or remodeling project, you should measure the area first. Size cabinets before you buy them and draw a blueprint on paper. Bring the paper back to your home and draw the exact dimension of the cabinet and their placing on the floor. You can now test walk where the cabinets will be and make any adjustments on the floor before you buy them.

Once you purchase your cabinets it’s a good idea to paint or stain them before you hang them. It’s a lot easier to do it on the ground or a work bench then cutting it in later on the wall. Let the cabinets acclimate to the indoor climate for at least 48 hours before you install them. This way it ensures your cabinets will have a tight fit with out any shrinkage later.

Start with any upper cabinets you may have first. Measure up from the floor and make a mark where you plan on having the bottom of your cabinets hang. With a level scribe a mark along the wall. Cut a length of wood to fit exactly to this length. This is for helping to hold the cabinet in place as you attach it to the wall. Using a stud finder, mark the studs against the wall using a pencil, so the marks can be erased later. If you don’t have a stud finder, use a nail and measuring tape to find the studs. Drive a nail into the wall behind the cabinets where the holes will not be seen later. Once you find a stud use your tape to find the studs at every 16 inches. Some studs may be off this layout due to pipes or other objects behind the wall. Always use a nail to test for a stud, don’t trust measurements.

Have a helper hold the cabinet and use a screw gun to attach the cabinet to the wall. Secure a screw in each corner of the cabinet first. Use a level and check for plumb on the top and sides. Adjust as needed and attach screws every 8 to 12 inches. Once the first cabinet is attached secure the other cabinets to the first cabinet. Check for level and plumb and secure using screws into the wall behind. Attach all the cabinets to each other first, check for plumb, then secure to the wall until all the upper cabinets are attached.

For the floor cabinets, place on the ground tight to the wall. Start in a corner first and work your way out. Check the top of the cabinet for level and the sides for plumb with a level. Use shims to correct the cabinets plumb and level. Secure using a screw in each corner and recheck with the level. Make adjustments as needed and attach screws every 8 to 12 inches.

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