The College Dorm Room Survival Guide

For many students who will be going away to college this semester will be their first time that they live on their own. They are scared because they do not know anyone at the school and they do not know what things they should bring along that will actually fit in their dorm room. If you are in this position you should know that you are not alone, I was in this position once and I made a lot of packing mistakes that I paid for later because not everything fit into my room and I actually had to rent storage and pay the bill each month which was a hardship on me. Also, because of the fact I was far away from the storage place I was not able to get the clothes in order to enjoy them. So, I suggest that if you are going to be living in the dorms then you realize that you will be living in a small-enclosed space and you should not bring everything, which you would if you lived at home. Living on campus means that you will have less space and so you will have to be careful about the things that you do bring so you can make the most of that small space. My suggestion is that you take the following things:

1) Shirts (tops)

You should bring about 10-15 of these I would say which would give you the ability to have to do laundry 2x a month. You will find that this is a lot easier on you because you will need to pack all of these things and more to a different dorm each time you finish your classes. So, you should pack light and it will make it easier to get ready and easier to travel also.

2) Pants

You should bring jeans that will match those tops, do not bring all the jeans you own but you should limit yourself to between 5 and 10 so that you will be able to wash your pants along with your shirts and not be required to do extra loads. If you have less pants do not worry because nobody will notice just do not overdue the amount you bring.


If you live in a cold place then you should bring two jackets that are basic colors like black and blue, which will match with everything and you, will have something to wear every day when it does get cold.

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