Dance All Night in Augusta, Georgia

Few images can bring back memories of the “Old South” as a handsome couple waltzing through a beautiful ballroom. Reminiscent of Gone With The Wind and a pre-civil war way of life, many southerners seek to advance their ballroom dancing skills simply for the joy of the dance itself. Many northerners simply want to know what all the fuss is about. And should you find yourself a visitor or resident of Augusta, Georgia, there is no better place to expand your personal knowledge than Ballroom In Motion.

Located convenient to Interstate I-20 and just off Parrish Road in Augusta, Ballroom In Motion covers all aspects of a successful dance-teaching studio. Welcoming singles or couples, Ballroom In Motion caters to the unique needs of each and every client. Private or group lessons are available weekly as well as by individual appointment. Ballroom In Motion’s list of offered dance types is as long as your arm, but includes favorites such as the Foxtrot, the Waltz, the Cha-Cha, the Salsa, and the Rumba, just to name a few. Looking to rekindle some romance in your relationship? Why not give the romantic Tango a try? As a whole, the Ballroom In Motion staff represents over twenty years of experience in the dance industry. No other ballroom teaching facility in the area can match such a claim.

As the top instructor as well as the owner, Teena Marie began dancing at five years old. A local resident, she began entering into serious competitions at age eleven, had won her first championship by age fifteen, and it’s safe to say her feet haven’t stopped moving to this day. Teena Marie opened Ballroom In Motion in March of 2001, and has been helping students dance the night away ever since. She and her staff pride themselves on making sure everyone gets the attention and direction they need to make their personal dancing experience a fully enjoyable one. Ballroom In Motion prides itself on being a casual and relaxed facility, above all, someplace that students enjoy being. Fun is oftentimes the biggest part of the lesson! Monthly dance parties are also a big hit, allowing students a chance to dress up and show off their newly acquired skills.

For those unsure as to exactly which type of dance they’d like to start with, Ballroom In Motion offers a wonderful orientation program, which consists of three separate lessons. Students are introduced to various types of dancing during each lesson, and the instructors can help to narrow individual strengths and preferences. The orientation program is also extremely reasonable at only $15 per person. Ballroom In Motion also offers help in preparing for weddings, socials, or other formal events as needed. So if you’re looking to impress your sweetie, or become the belle of the next ball you attend, Ballroom In Motion is the best place to start. With the various specials that are always available, make sure and stop by to view their weekly calendar of offerings, or call 706-414-6381 for more information today. And don’t forget to bring your dancing shoes!!

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