Dearest Mother

Dearest Mother

I am grateful for my femininity
And the connection to Life it implies.
I am grateful to You, Mother, of Whom I am a part.
I am grateful for my delicious, in-the-middle sense of Being –
A unique point of consciousness in the mind of God

Long, rolling waves of love and life arise from the living Heart of me,
And I bathe in their intersections,
Marvel at the juxtapositions of their power and subtlety
Delight in the magic at their edges
Colour on colour, texture on texture, defined and transient
Flickering, curling, flowing,
As the Mother of the Northern Lights,
The Mother of us All,
Dances on.

I stand and slowly turn
Arms and hands and feet, just so and I Breathe Love In.
Loved and loving energies change frequencies within
As my Will flows from me as My Love
And Thy Will flows to me as Thy Love.

Heart to Heart with Thee, dear Mother; I dance my life.
Heart to Heart, Soul to Soul
Implicate to Explicate, beyond Space and Time,
Opposites unite in me.
There is nothing that cannot be transformed in the Light of Thy Love
Abundant, limitless, Joyfully Divine,
There are no words.

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