Decorative Ways to Use Old Tires

Countless old tires are disposed of day after day. Very few are recycled into landscaping mulch, playground material and other useful products. They end up on mountains of rubber. People need to look for decorative ways to use old tires outdoors instead of simply tossing them away. They might not be good enough for the road, but they can embellish a yard in many decorative and highly useful new ways.

Create a Low Tiered Retaining Wall Using Old Tires

Many people buy expensive concrete and stone blocks to make low tiered retaining walls for flowers, shrubs and foliage. Why spend money on bricks or blocks when something just as decorative can be used? Create a tiered retaining wall with old tires, and fill them with colorful flowers and lush foliage. The tires can be painted or left in their natural condition. Consider painting them rich shade of terracotta. They will look like natural clay.

Begin by arranging the first layer of old tires on the ground. Fill them with dirt, and stack the next row slightly off center. If necessary, support the back of the second layer with well packed soil. Make the wall three or four layers high, and use the openings to hold flowers and foliage of your choice. Build the decorative planter wall around a patio, porch, deck or structure. What were once old tires can look highly decorative and serve a valuable purpose.

Make Vibrant Painted Planters to Use Outdoors

People have been using huge tractor tires to create raised bed gardens for years, but ordinary car tires can be even more decorative and useful. Paint old tires with spray paint especially for plastics. If desired, use stencils to create eye catching designs. Fill the decorative planters with potting soil, flowers and foliage of your choice. The decorative containers can be arranged in a large circle or stacked in an interesting way. The planters might eventually require a new coat of paint, but unlike plastic or clay, they will last forever.

Cover Stacked Tires with Heavy Fabric to Create Comfy Chairs

Tires can be used to make decorative chairs that are comfortable, modern and highly stylish. Buy extra heavy indoor/outdoor fabric, and use it to wrap two stacked tires. With help from an extra pair of hands, secure the fabric beneath the tires using strips of Velcro. It can be removed and washed as necessary.

Source: Personal and Professional Home Design and Crafting Experience

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