Dell DJ Jukebox

With all of the talk about Apple’s iPod MP3 player, consumers often get little detail on alternative MP3 players. One such alternative is the Dell DJ Jukebox HV03T, a relatively small player with a 5GB capacity and all of the basic control functions for the technologically challenged. The Dell DJ Jukebox can hold up to 2500 songs and offers various organizing options for your music and audio files. For consumers who are interested in a reasonably priced alternative to the iPod, Dell Computers’ reliability and great service make the Dell DJ Jukebox a great option.

While Apple rolls out video options and greater memory in its numerous generations of iPod, Dell has continued to perfect its Dell MP3 players. Much like the iPod Mini and the continued shrinking of Apple’s MP3 technology, Dell has come out recently with the Dell DJ Ditty. While Dell has not crossed the border on video technology, there is no doubt that they will sometime in the future and they have done a great job making sure their audio technology is mechanically sound. Along with the DJ Jukebox and the DJ Ditty, there are plenty of Dell accessories to add onto your MP3, including carrying cases and colored shells to show others your personality.

Though I have not quite reached 2500 songs on my Dell DJ Jukebox, I have some very large audio files (interviews from National Public Radio) on my MP3 player and its startup and playing speed is not affected by file size. While the memory size may be lacking to the Apple iPod, it is certainly sufficient to the needs of the average consumer of music and other audio material. The interface between the user and the MP3 player is very basic and for those who are not technophiles, it will be incredibly easy to set up. For someone like myself who does not really want to spend much time with set up and first use, this MP3 player beat out a lot of other MP3 playing alternatives. It is also easy to set up with your laptop or PC, including the option to automatically update newly downloaded MP3s when you dock the player with your computer.

Finally, the issue of price is always important when talking about computers and accessories. Dell, along with Apple, offer easy financing options including reasonable monthly payments for all of its products. While alternative MP3 players that you can buy at places like Best Buy and Circuit City may be less expensive, it is advisable to consider longevity and quality when purchasing computer accessories. The Dell Jukebox DJ and other Dell players range between $99 and $199 with the option for a minimum payment of $3-6 per month. In terms of cost, memory, and portability, the Dell DJ Jukebox competes with Apple iPod and wipes away other, less known competition.

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