Palm TX Review

Whether you are a first timer or experienced PDA owner, the Palm TX makes life a little easier for everyone. With a nice crisp screen, and the ability to playback media files, this is definitely a great investment that definitely won’t be obsolete in the near future.

First Impression
You may see this model and confuse it with the later model Tungsten T5 but just because it may look a little bit like its predecessor does not mean that it functions the same way. This PDA showcases a nice black finish that makes it very pleasing to the eye. Although the case is made out of plastic, it is quite durable and can withstand a pretty large fall without damaging the stylish case. It should also be mentioned that the Palm TX has one of the largest and clearest screens that you can get on a PDA.

Notable Features
If it’s one thing that Palm is known for its innovation. One of the features that makes this PDA so great is its ease of use. You can actually navigate through your contact list, calendar, and everything else, with just one hand. That’s not the only thing that makes the TX stand out from the rest. Located on the side of the unit is a tiny button that can flip the screen to landscape mode or horizontal mode. This will make viewing your slideshows and WebPages much easier. The TX supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and you can use them at the same time. This means that you can be syncing up your address book and browsing the web at the same time with the integrated Blazer v4.3 web browser. Not only can you browse the web you can even listen to your audio files on this handy little device. Pocket-Tunes v3.09 is one of the best players that has ever been implemented into a handheld device, and it’s a great addition to the already stellar application lineup on the TX.

Last Impressions
The Palm TX incorporates ease of use and a host of applications that will appeal to the seasoned user as well as the beginner. The wide screen display is one of the best features that has been implemented into this PDA that easily makes it stand out from the rest. Whether you are showing off your pictures or browsing the web, the crystal clear TFT display, which measures 3.25″ x 2.2″, makes navigation easy. Once you use the TX and its wide screen display, it’s hard to believe how you’ve ever used any of the other PDA’s. Not that the other screens are so much smaller, but this screen is much brighter and a whole lot clearer than any on the market.

The Palm TX is the PDA that enthusiasts have been waiting for. Better than that, its ease of use makes it great for the first timers who may not even know what to look for in the likes of a PDA. Palm definitely has a winner here.

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