Dentemp O.S. – Relief for Lost Fillings

Losing a filling can mean serious pain, and if there’s no dentist open, what are you to do? Going to the emergency room can cost hundreds – a huge waste of money if you’ll be able to go to the doctor tomorrow. Keep a tube of Dentemp O.S. on hand and you’ll never have to go through the pain caused by a lost filling or cap. Dentemp works great!

I lost a filling that I had put in when I was 12 and it was such a large filling that I was sure the Dentemp would not hold in such a huge space, but it did. I was able to eat, and do so with no pain but I, of course, avoided crunchy or sugary foods while using the Dentemp. I was fortunate to have found the product, since I’d never heard of it before, when the drug store saleswoman directed me to it.

Whether you have a loose cap or have lost a filling, Dentemp O.S. is the product you need to fix the problem. The no-mix formula is easy to use and Dentemp works so well that you can eat without having to try to avoid the area. If you do bite down in the area you’ll feel no pain.

Use Dentemp on caps, crowns, inlays or missing fillings. The pain will instantly stop and the formula will hold until time when you can see the dentist. If it’ll be a few days, don’t worry. The formula can be reapplied if needed.

The Dentemp kit comes with a little wooden spreader that makes it easy to tuck the application into even tiny areas. It makes a cement-like filling that will hold for a couple of days – sometimes longer.

The ingredients in Dentemp include dimethoxytetraethylene glycol, ethyl methacrylate, calcium sulphate, zinc oxide, barium sulphate and eugenol. The product is not meant to be used if there is a throbbing pain present or if there is any swelling around the painful area.

I’ve had my filling put back in, and I’m no longer in pain, but I keep a Dentemp kit in my medicine cabinet just in case. If you’ve had extensive dental work, or even if you have only one or two fillings, I highly recommend you keep a kit in yours as well.

I think this product works great, is very inexpensive at about five bucks a tube, and is very easy and convenient to use. Other brands make you mix the “cement” which can be messy and inaccurately blended. The fact that Dentemp dispenses directly from the tube is a big plus in my book. Find Dentemp online or at your local drug store.

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