Disco Yoga

Hip Hop Aerobics, Reggae Aerobics, Cycle Karaoke and Step-Beaux are all part of an ongoing trend in exercise: mixing stuff that usually doesn’t belong together. One among many of these hot hybrids is Disco Yoga. Created by Crunch Fitness, this off-the-wall form of Yoga incorporates disco music and disco balls with traditional Yoga poses.

Crunch Fitness is known for fusing exercise and entertainment, but according to instructor Dana Flynn,” the idea was to make Yoga more accessible to those who are daunted by the labored seriousness that traditional Yoga classes emanate.” So for the most part, Disco Yoga seems to attract exercisers looking for a fun and friendlier version of Yoga or Yogis looking to extend themselves.

One of the main concerns with Yoga and other group exercise classes is the boredom factor. Hybrids such as Disco Yoga and Cycle Karaoke don’t necessarily guard against this completely, but they do offer a level of entertainment not found in traditional Spinning/Cycling classes and Yoga classes. Another way instructors are managing to keep things fresh is by recreating part of the class as often as possible, so participants may not get the same routine twice.

What about those seasoned Yoga participants who feel Disco Yoga isn’t “real” Yoga? Instructor Dana Flynn says, “Yoga with a disco beat is still Yoga and the poses and moves would be familiar to the Yogist who turned down the sound.” Whether it’s traditional Yoga or Disco Yoga, Yoga still fosters a peaceful spirit and supple body.

If you would like more information about Disco Yoga contact Donna Cyrus (Fitness Director), Crunch Fitness, 404 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10003. Phone: 212-614-0120, Class Hotline 212-726-3271. You can also visit their website at www.crunch.com.

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