Disguised as Democracy

Voices muted;
Questions unanswered-
Where are we headed?
Are we facing the RIGHT
Misunderstanding the world-
How can we?
Don’t we live here too?
A scent of arrogance,
rancid like the corpses
we’ve left to rot in the sun.
Buried the past,
and waiting for history
to repeat itself once more.
What ifs �
What if we are wrong?
What if history goes astray?
What if we’ve been led astray
by a leader misled
by advisers misinformed
by the misinformed?
Can we still hear the objectors?
Are the objectors RIGHT?
If they are,
can we still silence them?
Those silenced
grow louder-
Building a chorus
to be heard.
Still the voices are gagged;
hands tied to their tongues,
waving a flag upside down.
“Not RIGHT!”
We’ve given up humility-
Why be humble,
when we can be RIGHT?

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