Abused Destiny

The face we show and the faces we see, are not as solid as the dreams we dream.

They are but an illusion of images, a curtain with which to hide, a caring smile to wear while the damage is denied.

So it is not within the eyes to look, nor is it within a smile, to see the deeds behind his face, you look at the broken child.

He hid behind the gentle facade, and the loving mother he decieved. Now her precious Destiny is laid, beneath the flowers and the grass so green.

To him destiny comes like a shadow slithering on the black moon. Both unseen and unheard, in the void it stirs, hungry for his soul in its tomb.

Scream and fight as hard as he might, no mercy he’ll receive. For in the judges chamber and within the hearts of men, there’s no forgiveness to be had, and neither is sympathy.

And within the jailer’s chamber, there’s little forgiveness to give. Like trying to catch fire, through a flour sive.

Destiny is gone, and the mother greives. Because she looked into his face, and not at his evil deeds.

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