Do Electronic Pest Repellers Work?

Have you ever noticed that there always seems to be an insect or pest ready to enter your home? Ready to invade and set up a place of residence inside of yours. Ready to eat your food, use the toilet everywhere, giving rise to bacteria and viruses. Ready to give you a fright when they suddenly run under your feet, jump out of the cabinet or worse bite you leaving you to wonder “Have I just contracted a deadly debilitating disease or some type of parasite?”

To rage war on these insects and varmints you might use toxic sprays and traps. Bug sprays can’t be all that healthy to humans if they can kill an insect almost instantaneously and rat or mousetraps are unsanitary. You may have seen or heard about “Electronic Pest Repellers.” These marvelous contraptions are supposed to drive unwanted insects and pests out of the home by using sound frequencies that are typically out of the range of a human’s hearing tones. This means that a human won’t hear anything when they are working but it does mean however that birds and animals will likely hear the repeller.

I recommend not buying an “Electronic Pest Repeller” if you have pets. It could cause irreversible damage to their nervous system and damage their hearing among other things.

If you do not have any pets and think this might be for you but are still skeptic as to whether it works there are some things to consider. First, there are two types of “Electronic Pest Repellers.” One type of pest repeller that you may have heard about through advertisements on the television is called “Riddex or Riddex Plus” and runs on two frequencies, one is Ultrasound Waves and the other is Electro Magnetism Waves or rather the Electro Magnetic field. It not only scares away insects and pests that are running about in rooms inside the house but it scares them away inside the walls. Another pest repeller that I’ve found at Wal-Mart is by “Black & Decker.” This type of repeller works by using Ultrasound only. It does not use Electro Magnetism.

The problem with using a repeller that works by using Ultrasound only is that it may eliminate or scare off the insects and pests that can be seen visually running about in rooms. For those that are hidden in places such as under the sofa or behind a table leg the annoying sound that’s supposed to drive them away will probably make no difference. They will stay where they are until they are good and ready to move thriving all the while.

If you use a repeller that works by using Ultrasound and the Electro Magnetism Waves you will still be faced with the above problem that the Ultrasound alone creates. In order for the Ultrasound to work the repeller must be plugged into an outlet where nothing is blocking it. That means it cannot be plugged into an outlet for example, behind a refrigerator, television, heater, sofa, etc. Anything in front of the repeller will block the Ultrasound Waves from travelling throughout the room.

The Electro Magnetism that supposedly works by emitting frequencies through the wires that travel inside the walls may do nothing more than the Ultrasound. The twist and turns that curve and bend the wires along their pathway may divert the Electro Magnetism or stop it once it reaches a curve.

How can you tell if your repeller is working? If you have a pet that lives inside the house with you it may bark, meow, or flutter around the cage continuously alerting you to the problem that something is upsetting them. Unplug the repeller if this occurs and if the pet becomes calm and normal the repeller worked. However discontinue using the repeller to avoid life-threatening problems or death of your pets. For repellers like “Black & Decker” plugging the repeller into an outlet and seeing a red dot light up is a sign that it is working. Remember that just because the red dot lights up indicating that it is on doesn’t mean it is actually getting rid of insects and pests.

One last thing to think about is that not all repellers will work to drive away rats and mice. For instance, “Riddex or Riddex Plus” says it will get rid of rats whereas “Black & Decker” claims it will get rid of mice.

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