Dreamweaver 8: Inserting Flash Buttons

Inserting flash buttons in your website can give your site an eye catching look. The flash buttons can be easily inserted in your webpage using Dreamweaver 8. It is not hard because Dreamweaver 8 does most of the work for you. You just need to fill in the information. In this guide I will show you how to insert the Flash Button and walk you through the fields to fill out. So let’s get started.

Inserting Flash Buttons in Dreamweaver 8

Step 1 – Open your Dreamweaver 8 program.

Step 2 – Create a New HTML Document.

Step 3 – In the top of your Dreamweaver window click File > Save As and save you document. (Ex. test.html)

Step 4 – Place your cursor on your document.

Step 5 – In the top of your Dreamweaver window click Insert > Media > Flash Button.

Step 6 – The “Insert Flash Button” dialog box will pop up. Give it time to load the buttons. This may take a minute or so.

Step 7 – Once the buttons are loaded scroll through them to see which one you like. Notice there is a preview window in the top of the dialog box. Roll your mouse over that to see what Flash animation it offers. The Blue Warper is pretty cool.

Step 8 – Once you have chosen your button move on to the fields.

Button Text – Type in the text that you want to appear on your Flash Button.
Font – Choose your Font.
Size – Choose the size of your font. 12 or 14 is a good size.
Link – Enter the URL that this button will take you to once it is clicked.
Target – Blank opens the page in a new window. Choose which one you want.
Bg Color – Choose the color of the background for the button. It is best to go with the color of your site.
Save as – Save it as button1.swf

Step 9 – Click Apply and then OK.

Step 10 – To preview it, click Play in the Properties Panel at the bottom of your Dreamweaver window.

Step 11 – To edit it, click on the Edit button in the Properties Panel at the bottom of your Dreamweaver window.

To create more buttons just follow steps 4 – 9. You must repeat steps 4 – 9 for each button you create. And that is all.. You have just created a Flash Button in Dreamweaver 8. Note: If you are creating more than one button you will need to change the name of the file under Save As in the Dialog Box. Instead of button1.swf, you need to change button 2 to button2.swf and so on.

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