Dress like the Cast of Scrubs for Halloween

Alright you pop-culture junkies, here you’re going to learn how to dress up like your favorite characters from Scrubs. Uh, for Halloween. Scrubs characters should be instantly recognizable to the twenty-something crowd, so you wont have to constantly explain “what you are this year.” At the very least, people will see you and think “doctor”. If you can get a group of friends to go as the entire cast, even better, and it’ll strengthen costume recognition as a whole.

He’s the main character in the show, but not necessarily the most liked on the show. A lot of being a convincing J.D. lies in the hair. You need a good head of medium length hair that you can gel the heck out of. It needs to stick up fairly high.

Most of the characters on Scrubs are color coded. Your best bet for J.D., are navy-blue scrubs (pants and top) with a lighter colored, blue, long-sleeve t-shirt underneath. Round it out with a stethoscope around the neck and some sort of official looking name tag attached to the left side of the shirt. J.D. wears white tennis-shoes, Nike of you got ’em. Bonus points for making the badge with your picture on it, at Kinkos.

You better be black, or it’s not going to work. More specifically, black and bald. Turk is a surgeon, and all the surgeons on the show wear turquoise scrubs (top and bottom). Other then a badge and black tennis shoes (Nike), you’re good to go. Bonus points for already being black and bald.

Elliot is pretty much the color opposite of J.D., with baby-blue scrubs and a navy blue long sleeve shirt underneath. Stethoscope and badge, and you’re almost done. The key to Elliot, is to have disheveled blond hair, with bangs always in your eyes. White tennis shoes. Bonus points for being super hot.


Carla gets the widest range of colors of the entire cast. I’d recommend magenta scrubs, but red, pink or any fairly feminine color will do. Mix it up with a floral top. Carla often sports a stethoscope and a name badge. Bonus points for having shoulder length, curly hair and being Hispanic.

Dr. Cox
Doctor Cox is the most popular character on Scrubs, and the only one that gets to wear a white lab coat. Make sure you roll the sleeves up to the elbow. Navy blue scrub bottoms, and a t-shirt of your choice, though I’d recommend a dark blue or gray. Stethoscope and i.d. of course, and brightly colored sneakers. Bonus points for being a hilarious bastard.

Dark blue or dark gray jumpsuit, and a name badge. The trickiest part, is an embroidered “Sacred Heart” badge, sewn onto the jumpsuit. Bonus for hauling around a mop to all the Halloween parties.

The Todd
The Todd is awesome. Basically, follow the instructions above for Turk. Then, add a bad-ass skull or flame bandanna, and cut off the sleeves of the scrubs so you can show off your “guns”. Bonus for being so sexually depraved that you’re attracted to all genders, ages, body types and household objects. If you live in Chicago I highly recommend NOT going as The Todd, because I will be.

These costumes have the added bonus of being fairly comfortable, so at parties you can laugh at all the other goofuses (goofi?) that have so much stuff on their costumes they can’t sit down. Also, scrubs aren’t too expensive, and can often be found in thrift stores. If you’re going for new (which I’d recommend because they’re cheap), try JC Penny or other large department stores. Your best bet for a janitor’s jumpsuit is the neighborhood paint store. Have fun, and make sure there aren’t any razor blades in your Halloween candy!

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