How to Drape a Scarf around Your Neck

Scarves keep on being hot in the glamorous world of fashion. With a range of fabrics and colors, scarves are versatile accessory for any outfit in every season around the year. Scarves are available in designer and replica brands, offering wide range for both men and women.

However, draping scarf around neck according to the trend and occasion is an art. By the way, how do you drape your scarf around neck?  The old fashioned, boring way? Nearly everyone do! But why not try something new today? You can enfold a single scarf in numerous ways to attain amazing glamorous looks with your different garments.

Select your new scarf knot style from the simple steps given below and enjoy:


  • 1

    Tie Look Style

    You can create a tie look with your simple scarf by wrapping it around your neck in a unique way.


    Place the scarf around your neck with both ends hanging on your back. Wrap it around your neck with its both ends hanging down in front of you this time. Now, knot your scarf in front to form a “Tie Look.”

  • 2

    Knot a Row Style

    Knot a Row Style is another way to give an elegant touch to the simple scarf wrapped around your neck.


    Take both ends of your scarf on your hands and put the scarf around the back of your neck. Line up the both ends of the scarf in front of you and knot it. Make two more knots one after another to give it a “Knot a Row Style.”

  • 3

    Fashion Knot Style

    If you are planning to wear a scarf in a professional environment, then it is better to keep it simple and create a fashionable knot look.


    Take an oblong scarf and gently fold it into half in order to identify the center. Knot the scarf in the middle. Simply wrap the scarf around your neck, positioning the knot in the front center of the neck. Let the ends of the scarf hang freely on the front. Now if want to generate an elegant style out of this simple look, then loop both ends of the scarf through the knot.

  • 4

    Scarf Choker Look

    If you are wearing a button down shirt or an open neckline, then a scarf choker look will suit you for sure.


    Fold up a long oblong scarf into half and wrap it around your neck, keeping both ends balance. Knot the scarf on the front of your neck. Now, circle one side of your scarf all the way through the knot t and gently twist it’s both sides. Drape both of the warped sides around your neck and tie it up at the back. Your choker-look with a knot in the center is all set to rock.

  • 5

    Loop or Slip Knot Style

    Are you ready to try another style? This method of draping scarf is very simple to form and graceful to carry on various occasions.


    Grab a long scarf and drape it lengthwise down around your right or left arm. Fold it into equal halves and pull the halved scarf behind the nape of your neck. Now, hold open one side of the scarf with your fingers, with other hand hold on the tassels of the scarf. At the same time as holding open the divided end of your scarf, insert the scarf’s tassels into the hole. Pull your scarf tight and enjoy this unique style.

  • 6

    Double-wrap Style

    It is another simple and effortless way to wrap the scarf around your neck within no time.


    Simply hang the selected scarf loosely around your neck, making sure that it is evenly divided. Loop one end of the scarf in your left hand and wrap it all around your neck until the same end comes back to the front of your neck. Level up both sides of your scarf and pull it tightly around your neck.

  • 7

    The Braided Style

    Wrapping your scarf in braided style is perfect choice for both formal and informal parties and get-togethers.


    First fold your scarf in half and braid it till the tip, leaving some room for your neck. Now, hold the braided scarf tight from the tip or you can fix it with safety pins as well. Hold it tight and take it to the other side of your neck from the back.  Now, open the loop of the first scarf braid and tuck braid’s tip into the loop. It is up to you now, either you can leave it or can fix it with a safety pin.

  • 8

    Accessorized Wrap Style

    This style is best for girlish parties where you can add ornaments to the wrapped scarf around your neck for more eye-catching look.


    Just wear the scarf around your neck from front to back with both of its ends hanging on the back. After that, take the left side of your scarf to the right and vice versa (take right side to the left). At this position, pick any of your favorite pearl necklaces and put half of your scarf inside the necklace as shown in the picture on your left hand side. Now, take the left part of your scarf out of the left side of the pearl necklace. Repeat same method with the right side of your scarf, taking it out from the right side of the necklace.

  • 9

    Double-scarf Style

    You need two scarves for this unique style. You can select both of the scarves according to your dress color or in contrast.


    Select two scarves according to your requirement. Now, wear both of them from back to front and knot them once. Twist the scarves together in order to form a braid. Carefully raise the braided part up and begin to twist it as a braid along the scarf on your neck area. Get the braided part of the scarves inside and out of your neck area and fix it in a proper position with a large safety pin.

  • 10

    Fake Knot Style

    Fake Knot Style suits both men and women, enhancing their personality. All you need to create this style is a scarf and your creativity to knot it.


    Fold your scarf into half and let it hang from your neck equally on your both sides. Now, make a knot on either left or right side. Bring the other side towards the knot and pass it through the knot to form another loop. Now, tight this knot to create an eye-catching Fake Knot Look.

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