Drink Up America! July is American Beer Month

If you love beer then you will love the month of July as it’s been coined American Beer Month by brew lovers who want you to discover the flavor of independence. In fact this event has become so big that it has made itself nationally known from New York to Seattle Washington with various events featuring the drink of choice which just happens to be beer. Extreme followers gather together at these events to sample the best brew around. Check out www.americanbeermonth.com to learn more about the beer lovers favorite month.

Beer lovers will boast that they will serve this golden, brown or red liquid any day over the traditional wine at holidays, as a compliment to any meal, fancy or casual. Of course this is due to their preference in taste, but it also may be due to the fact that light beers contain fewer calories and carbohydrates then wine, darker beer is great for your heart, and with the wide variety of boldness and aromas, beer is fast becoming a classy traditional companion drink of choice for all food.

Dark Beer Is Healthier
Dark beer is fast becoming the more popular drink among beer fans as claims are being made by experts that it is good for your heart. In fact, a recent study on various beer found that the darker the beer, the better for your health as dark beer contains flavonoids which are beneficial to your heart. The really great news is that beer contains nutrients making it a more beneficial drink then many other alcoholic beverages because beer contains more nutrients per serving, such as protein and B-vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, cadmium and iron. It has been noted recently by researchers that two beers a day provide 14 percent of dietary calories, 11 percent of dietary protein, 12 percent of dietary carbohydrates, nine percent of dietary phosphorus, seven percent of dietary riboflavin and five percent of dietary niacin.

The World Beer Festival
October 7th, 2006 will see thousands of beer lovers gathering at Durham, NC for the beer tasting event of the year. Hundreds of participating breweries join the line-up for a beer lover’s dream of sampling darker robust beer to the more light and golden flavors. Of course beer sampling cannot be complete without the food. The World Beer Festival will have plenty of concession stands offering local cuisine as well as featured restaurants. For more information on the beer festival, go to: http://www.allaboutbeer.com/wbf/home.html.

Newark Food & Brew Fest
The third annual Newark Food & Brew Fest is held on July 15th of each year bringing in thousands of beer fans seeking to enjoy great American brews. The Newark Food & Brew Fest coincides with national American Beer Month which has taken place every July since 1999. The selection of beer is unbelievable, and the beer fest offers easy walking from location to location. For more information, go to: www.out-and-about.com.

Wheat Beer Week: June 19-25
Wheat beer offers a unique flavor ranging from spicy too fruity due to the special yeast used during fermentation. Wheat beer goes great with ribs, marinated vegetables, potato salad and pork.

Classic Lager Pilsner Beer Week June 26-July 2
Pilsner beer is a light golden color that came from Czech and is the most common beer brewed worldwide. Samuel Adams is a popular Pilsner type beer that accompanies cheese, lamb, fish, and Mexican food quite well due to its fuller bodied taste.

American Pale Ale Week July 3-July9
Pale ale delivers a hop character with a bolder flavor and aroma. Pale ale is the perfect accompaniment to holiday dinners, as it goes extremely well with turkey, goose, duck, and steak.

American Brown Ale Week July 10-July16
This beer is a malt accented alternative to pale ale. There are primarily three types of brown ale ranging from dry too darker and fruitier. The great malt flavor in these beers stands up well to spicy Thai, BBQ ribs, and Indian Curry. The sweet nutty flavors in brown ales also compliment desserts quite well.

Amber Ale Week July 17-July23
This beer bursts with caramel malt flavors and citrusy hop which comes from the crystals infused making it a fuller body beer with a red color. This beer is a favorite when dining on spicier foods like pizza and foods with loads of garlic. It’s a great accompaniment for any food that is hearty.

Indian Pale Ale Week July 24-July 31
Dogfish Head and Redhook are just a couple of the popular names of Indian Pale Ale. This golden ale has a high hop content that can be quite bitter to the taste buds, and it is dryer then most beer. This beer stands up well to bolder foods like spicy chicken wings, escargot, and five alarm chili.

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