Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Atlanta, Georgia

Alcohol and drug rehabilitation centers in Atlanta, Georgia are numerous and their services vary. Atlanta, Georgia is one of the largest cities in the South and boasts one of the largest airports in the world. The size if this Southern city can make choosing a substance abuse rehabilitation center a daunting task. It is important when choosing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center in Atlanta to consider their main focus, their list of services, the type of care they provide, as well as any special services they may provide. With these factors in mind you will have no difficulty in choosing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center that meets your personal needs.

Anchor Hospital: Behavioral Health Systems, located at 5454 Yorktowne Drive, Atlanta, Georgia, 30349 focuses on a combination of the mental health and well being of their patient in combination with a focus on substance abuse problems. They provide drug rehabilitation services, substance abuse treatment, drug detoxification, alcohol rehabilitation, and detoxification services to their patients. Anchor Hospital is an outpatient facility with inpatient services being held within the hospital. Anchor Hospital specializes in adolescent substance abusers, making this rehabilitation center a promising option for parents with teens who have substance abuse problems. Teenagers and young children may require a rehabilitation center that has special understanding of their young age. Information about Anchor Hospital can be found online at www.anchorhospital.com or by contacting them directly at (770) 991-6044.

Bright Beginnings, located at 766 Confederate Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, 30312 offers patients a focus on mental health as well as substance abuse. They provide alcohol rehabilitation services, drug rehabilitation services, drug detoxification, drug addiction treatment, as well as a half way house. Patients may choose outpatient or inpatient opportunities at Bright Beginnings. In patients are classified into two categories; residential long-term or residential short-term. Long-term patients remain at the facility for more then thirty days while short-term patients remain less then thirty days. Patients are assigned their own personal clinician that will help choose the best program to fit their drug or alcohol rehabilitation needs in Atlanta. Bright Beginnings can be reached via the telephone at (404) 627-1793.

CEPTA Inc. is an outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation center. Located at 7740 Roswell Road, Atlanta, Georgia, 30350, CEPTA Inc. focuses on the patient’s mental health in combination with a focus on their substance abuse. Their central location makes their center easily assessable from many of the major highways in Atlanta. CEPTA Inc. provides many services including alcohol rehabilitation, drug detoxification, drug treatment, rehabilitation, and detoxification. They provide outpatient care as well as partial hospitalization and day treatment. They specialize in DUI/DWI offenders. Their website www.cepta.org is useful in helping to find a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Choosing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center can be a difficult task, at a time when you may not be your most focused. Organization and keeping in mind the focus of the center, types of services provided, and the type of care (in patient or outpatient) provided can help you quickly chose the appropriate drug or alcohol rehabilitation center for your personal needs.

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