Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Dallas, Texas

Substance abuse rehabilitation centers are as available in Dallas, Texas as cowboy boots and fresh air. Choosing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center that fits your needs in Dallas may take a little more research then finding the perfect fit in a cowboy hat though. When choosing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center it is imperative to research a few key facts about the center. These initial steps will help you in the process of choosing the substance abuse center that can offer you the most support and treatment for you individual needs. First you should determine what the focus of the rehabilitation center is. Specifically, do they provide alcohol and drug services or only one? Secondly, you should find out what services they provide. Drug addiction treatment, substance abuse treatment, drug rehabilitation, drug detoxification, and alcohol detoxification are services most substance abuse rehabilitation centers provide. Next, you should research whether they offer any special services, such as a focus on women or HIV/AIDS patients. Lastly, you should determine whether they offer inpatient treatment and/or out patient treatment. Doing this important research will help you determine the substance abuse rehabilitation center in Dallas. Texas that is a perfect fit fro your substance abuse needs.

Addicare Groups of Texas: The Zenith Program is a drug abuse rehabilitation center. Alcohol treatment is not provided at this particular facility. Addicare focuses on drug treatment, drug rehabilitation, rehabilitation, and drug abuse recovery with their patients. Outpatient treatment is provided, with no option for inpatient care at their facility. Addicare Groups of Texas specializes in criminal justice clients as wells as DUI/DWI offenders. They are located at 1511 Levee Street, Suite B, Dallas, Texas, 75207. For more information contact the m directly at (214) 824-6503.

Addiction Counseling Services is an outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation center located centrally in the city of Dallas, Texas. They are a Spanish-speaking substance abuse rehabilitation facility that offers easy communication for patients whose native language is not English. They treat their patients for alcohol abuse as well as drug abuse at their center. Addiction Counseling Services offers alcohol rehabilitation services, drug abuse services, drug addiction treatment, as well as drug treatment to their patients. Their address is 6220 Gaston Avenue, Suite 405, Dallas, Texas, 75214. They can be reached directly at (214) 827-6400.

Baylor University Medical Center: Baylor Center for Addictive Diseases is a university hospital that offers substance abuse treatment in Dallas, Texas. Baylor University medical Center focuses on a combination of treatment of their patients’ mental health as well as their substance abuse disorders. Alcohol rehabilitation, alcohol treatment, drug rehabilitation, and detoxification are all services provided by Baylor University Medical Center. Patients will find inpatient as well as outpatient options during their rehabilitation. Baylor University Medical center is located at 3500 Gaston Avenue, Truett Hospital, and Dallas, Texas, 75246. More information about their substance abuse treatment as well as their facilities can be found online at their website www.bhcs.com as well as by contacting them directly at (214) 820-7676. They can also be reached toll free at 800-828-8880.

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