12 Easy Tips to Weight Loss and Healthy Living

1. Lessen Portion size

Eating less food to achieve your weight goal would be a no-brainer but for your stomach screaming to eat more. If you get hungry later, you can eat more, but always stop eating early. A good rule of thumb is to leave 10% on the plate (and that doesn’t mean over-serving yourself to compensate!).

2. Drink LOTS of water

Many times, our brain is really sending the message that we are thirsty, and we decode this wrongly to assuming that we are hungry. Drink an obscene amount of water (think nearly a gallon a day). You will feel much better. Not only will you be hungry less often, but your skin will clear up, your hair will be softer, and you will have more energy.

3. Exercise

Exercise does not have to be at a gym, but it does have to be somewhere other than the couch. Go rollerblading or play tennis in the park. If you don’t like sports or the weather is bad, dance to some fast music at home!

4. Walk everywhere

Take the stairs. Park far away, and walk up to the store. Walk any distances that are less than 5 miles, weather and safety permitting.

5. Eat Breakfast

Eating breakfast will give you energy and speed up your metabolism. Skipping meals is never a good idea for your body. Starving yourself will cause your body to retain the next meal you eat as fat instead of burning the calories as it should.

6. Don’t focus on your mind’s image

You don’t see yourself as you are. Think of your brain like a funhouse mirror; it is distorting your image. Ignore your faults.

7. Visualize yourself at your ideal weight

Close your eyes and imagine yourself looking as you would like to: vibrant, healthy, and happy. This will keep you happy and upbeat. Walking quickly with your head held high burns more calories than sulking!

8. Focus on the positive

Instead of focusing on where you think you SHOULD be in terms of your weight loss goal, focus on where you are and how far you have come. Don’t set unrealistic goals or you will plateau and give up. Instead of saying “I really should have lost 5 inches”, say “Wow! I lost 2 inches! I’m smaller than I was”.

9. Make peace with the mirror

I don’t care how much it hurts, smile at the mirror. That’s right, SMILE. Give yourself a compliment out loud, regardless of how stupid you feel. Our brains respond to what we vocalize and hear, and yours will hear “wow, you look beautiful today”.

10. Don’t overdo it

You will not be a better person after losing 20 pounds. In fact, you will not even be a different person. You will still be as you were before; there will just be less of you. Keep your original goal in mind; don’t re-adjust it once you reach your ideal weight. Focus on your self-esteem rather than your weight and be amazed at how the pounds seem to vanish.

11. Eat whole foods

Don’t buy boxed, dried food to mix with hamburger meat. Buy the hamburger meat, tomatoes, and spices and make it yourself. Not only will it taste better, but your meal will lack the preservatives of the processed food. You are what you eat.

12. Give yourself a break

Take a day, my day is Saturday, and make it all yours. Eat McDonald’s. Eat a pound and a half of chicken wings. Eat whatever it is that you want. Enjoy yourself! One day of indulgence will not hurt your health if you stay healthy all of the other days. In fact, it will give you something to look forward to.

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