Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Centers in Miami, Florida

Substance abuse rehabilitation centers are not difficult to find in Miami, Florida. Choosing a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center that meets your individual requirements may not be as easy. When comparing drug or alcohol rehabilitation centers it is important to keep a few specific facts in mind. First, you should find out what services they provide. Specifically, do they provide alcohol and drug services or only one of the above. Secondly, what is the focus of the rehabilitation center? Drug addiction treatment, drug detoxification, drug rehabilitation, substance abuse treatment, and alcohol detoxification are common focuses of most substance abuse rehabilitation centers. Thirdly, research whether the substance abuse center offers inpatient treatment, out patient treatment or both. Most importantly, you should research whether they offer any special services, such as a focus on HIV/AIDS patients or children. Keeping all of these details in mind should help you accurately choose the substance abuse rehabilitation center in Miami, Florida that is appropriate for your needs.

Agape Family Ministries provides a specific focus to achieve their patient’s greater well being that includes drug abuse treatment, rehabilitation, drug addiction treatment, and drug recovery. To further meet the needs of their patients they offer a halfway house program. The halfway house give their patients the support they need to continue a life free of substance abuse. Residential long-term care means thirty or more days in the Agape Family’s halfway house. Outpatient care is also provided. Agape Family Ministries also takes a special focus on the care of AIDS/HIV patients a swell as elderly patients. Located at 2279 South West 112th Avenue, Miami, Florida, 33170, they are a caring a unique substance abuse rehabilitation clinic. For more information contact them directly at (305) 235-2616 or online at their website, www.agapefamilyministries.org.

Alternative is as short and to the point of substance abuse rehabilitation as their name implies. They focus their patient substance abuse treatment on alcohol rehabilitation, drug addiction treatment, drug abuse treatment, and drug recovery. Patients at Alternative can make use of their outpatient facility to continue their daily lives while they receive treatment for their substance abuse problems. Located at 882 North East 79th street, Miami, Florida, 33138, Alternative is a good alternative to a life of substance abuse.

Better Way of Miami Inc. is a residential long-term drug and alcohol rehabilitation center in the heart of Miami, Florida. Outpatient care is also provided through Better Way of Miami Inc. Patients will find substance abuse treatment, drug abuse treatment, alcohol rehabilitation services, and drug detoxification services at their facilities. They specialize in the treatment of HIV/AIDS patients as well as patients who have co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders. Better Way of Miami’s half way house provides a beginning point for ex-substance abusers to begin their life again with the help and support they will need. Better Way of Miami is located at 800 North West 28th street, Miami, Florida, 33127. More information about their facilities and treatments can be found online at www.betterwaymiami.org or by contacting them directly at 800-634-3409 ext. 112 and ext. 119.

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