Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter is a spring holiday where we celebrate life and new beginnings. We wait for a visit from the Easter Bunny and celebrate the resurrection of Christ. Get your kids into the spirit of the season with these easy Easter crafts.

Chicks-in-a-Nest are simple to make and festive for the holidays. Make a nest of little chicks with a few materials. First, gather your materials. Get some crepe paper, an old egg carton, beads or markers, glue, orange pipe cleaners, scissors, old newspaper, tweezers, cotton balls, a glass of water, and yellow food coloring.

Fill your glass of water a quarter of the way full and add about six drops of yellow food coloring. Drop in one cotton ball and then lift it out with your tweezers. If you want your chicks to be a darker yellow, add more food coloring. If you like the shade, leave the mixture as is. Color each cotton ball, one at a time. Each chick requires two cotton balls so if you are making a dozen chicks, you will need 24 cotton balls. Place the soaked cotton balls on the old newspaper and let them dry for 24 hours. When you are sure the cotton balls are completely dry, plump them up to their original shape. Cut the orange pipe cleaners into small pieces and bend them into beak shapes. Use the glue to fasten the beaks to the head of the chicken. You can use small beads for the chicken eyes or draw your own with markers. Now you are ready to make your first chick. Glue a head onto a body for each chick. Put some green crepe or tissue paper in the base of an old egg carton and place your chicks in their new home!

Do something a little different this year than using Paas egg dye for your easter eggs. Decorating eggs this way will make them last longer because the yolks and egg whites will be removed before you paint them! First, gather some eggs, a pin, a metal skewer, an empty bowl, a bowl of water, paper towels, acrylic paints and paintbrush, a sponge and some clear varnish.

Use the pin to make a hole in each egg in the top and bottom. Use the metal skewer to carefully poke through the pin holes to make them bigger and to break up the egg yolks. Gently blow the contents of the eggs into the bowl. Be sure to get out all of the egg and yolks . Hold the eggs underwater and rinse out completely and blow through them again. Set the eggs on a paper towel to drain. Use your paintbrush to paint half of the eggs with acrylic paint. When that half is dry, paint the other half. Pick a color to sponge on and dab it onto the egg. When it is dry, use your clear varnish to set the paint. Gold paint makes shiny eggs on any type of base color!

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